Jakarta, January 28, 2022. Head of the National Research and Innovation Agency (BRIN) Laksana Tri Handoko stated that BRIN is always open to receiving human resources and assets from research units of ministries and institutions. However, he continued, BRIN must also comply with the mandate of the legislations, including those related to the time limit for transfer of human resources as stipulated in Circulation Letter of the Minister of PAN-RB number B/601/M.SM.02.03/2021, dated 7 December 2022. BRIN and heads of ministries and institutions continue to process the human resources that have been examined as up to 31 January 2022.

Together with the leadership of echelon I and II, the Head of BRIN has also formulated a strategy and program for the management of research institutions. In addition to discussing the progress of integration at BRIN, they also discussed the Performance Agreement (PK) for the Echelon I Unit of BRIN, which cover the indicators of key performance, performance indicators for Echelon I activities, and the 2022 performance target which was signed on Friday (27/01), in Bandung.

The BRIN’s performance targets in 2022 include 25,711 international scientific publications, 52,709 citations in international publications, 400 innovation products from research-based startups that are fostered, 150 innovations utilized by industries, 900 registered patents, 15 applications of technology for natural resources, 35 technologies or social models for post-disaster, and 50% of the budget earned from external sources.

For information, the signing of PKs for Echelon I officials for year 2022 was carried out by all levels, consisting of Acting Chief Secretary, Chief Inspectorate, Acting Deputy for Development Policy, Acting Deputy for Research and Innovation Policy, Acting Deputy for Science and Technology Human Resources, Acting Deputy for Infrastructure and Innovation, Acting Deputy for Research and Innovation Facilitation, Acting Deputy for Research and Innovation Utilization, and Deputy for Regional Research and Innovation.

Meanwhile, the signing of PKs for Heads of Research Organizations will be carried out after the election of heads of RO, and which will go through the same process, namely meetings and discussions with leaders related to the performance plans and formulating future research strategies. (kg/ed:drs)