Bandung – BRIN Public Relations. The news about an asteroid approaching Planet Earth in 2022 is quite surprising to the public. The Minor Planet Center (MPC), a center under the International Astronomical Union confirmed the discovery of the asteroid and named it 2022 AA, which means, the first asteroid approaching the Earth discovered in 2022.

“Asteroid 2022 AA will pass by close to Earth on 4 February 2022 at 21.16 UT or 5 February 2022 at 04.16 West Indonesia Time, at a distance of 2,542,000 km from Earth. The asteroid measuring 71 meters is moving at a speed of 13,200 km/hour as it passes by the Earth. This distance is still greater than the roche limit,” explained Andi, a researcher. “The roche limit is the minimum distance a celestial body can keep itself from breaking into pieces. This is condition when the tidal force experienced by the asteroid is the same as the Earth’s gravity,” he added.

Asteroid 2022 AA will pass by near Earth safely and harmless to humans. This was stated by Researcher Professor at BRIN Space Research Center, Clara Yono Yatini that, “It has no effect on human life,” she said.

She explained, the size of Asteroid 2022 AA is not large and the Earth is not affected at all by the passage of this asteroid. “There is also no effect on space weather, because generally space weather is influenced mainly by the sun, in addition to high-energy particles and the magnetic field in the space between the Sun and Earth,” she concluded.

Andi Pangerang, Researcher at BRIN Space Research Center explained that, “This asteroid was discovered on 1 January 2022. Asteroid 2022 AA belongs to the Apollo asteroid family because the average distance of the asteroid is greater than the average distance of the Earth to the Sun. (cw/ed: kg, drs)