Jakarta – BRIN Public Relations. The National Research and Innovation Agency (BRIN) proposes a global funding sharing and partnerships related to implementation of research and innovation. This proposal was submitted by Acting Deputy for Human Resources for Science and Technology, Edy Giri Rachman Putra at the preliminary Research and Innovation Initiative Gathering (RIIG) G20 held online, Thursday (24/02).

According to Edy Giri, as the only research institution in Indonesia, BRIN has a co-funding scheme to conduct research, increase capacity, and mobility of researchers that is open to all parties both from within and outside the country.

“In terms of researcher mobility, BRIN invites, welcomes, and encourages researchers from all G20 member countries to conduct research in Indonesia in collaboration with researchers at BRIN and other stakeholders, by observing the guidelines on implementation of policies and applicable regulations. We have opened a mobility scheme for hundreds of guest lecturers, visiting researchers, and postdoctoral students to come to Indonesia,” he explained.

The globalization era, continued Edy Giri, provides opportunities for researchers to conduct international research. Some research projects often require large resources, which demands collaboration among the G20 member countries.

In this perspective, continued Edy GIri, BRIN suggests provision of convenience for researchers to conduct research in the G20 member countries. This must continue to be promoted and prioritized to all G20 member countries in order to improve research collaboration among the G20 member countries, as a global research partnership.

“Almost all aspects of strategic problem solving always contain elements of research and innovation, so that research and innovation are integral and essential supporting components in all aspects of solving strategic problems in each country,” he said.

Therefore, said Edy Giri, through this RIIG, BRIN promotes the initiative of the G20 Working Group for Research and Innovation, and invites all G20 member countries to improve Research and innovation collaboration through sharing of facilities, infrastructure and funding for research activities and researcher mobility.

“Global challenges and use of biodiversity certainly require Global Research Partnership, called the Global Biodiversity Partnership. For this reason, we offer international cooperation through sharing facilities, infrastructure and funding, as well as sharing the benefits gained from these activities for global interests and country priorities,” he concluded. (pur)