Jakarta – BRIN Public Relations. The National Research and Innovation Agency (BRIN) will include the winners of the 2021 Youth Scientific Work Competition (LKIR) to the international scientific competition of the 2022 Regeneron International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF). In order to prepare for the competition, an ISEF Preparation Workshop was held, which was attended the first 4 winners of each LKIR field online, Wednesday (02/03). The Regeneron ISEF, which is the most prestigious scientific competition in the world and is attended around 1,700 students from 80 countries in the world will be held in a hybrid manner in Atlanta Georgia on 8 -13 May 2022.

In his directive, Acting Deputy of Science and Technology Human Resources, Edy Giri Rachman Putra, congratulated the workshop participants who had been selected as Indonesian delegates at the 2022 Regeneron ISEF event. “Not all students have the opportunity to participate in this competition. This is the hard work of all parties; students, teacher counsellors as well as BRIN who continue trying to finalize their work to be taken to a higher level,” said Edy.

Workshop on delegation preparation will be important because it will not only develop the substance of research but also prepare the participants’ mentality to face presentations and judging. “It is not only the pursuit of victory but how we achieve this feat. You can be a model or role model for millions of other students in Indonesia. And hopefully this can encourage the enthusiasm of other students to jointly excel, especially in the fields of research and innovation, and as a whole can raise the dignity of the Indonesian nation in the future,” he added.

Director of the Talent Management, Raden Arthur Ario Lelono, reported that in the 2022 ISEF  Regeneron event, BRIN under Fair ID IDN001 will present four research projects that are winners of the 2020 Youth Scientific Work Competition (LKIR) namely Parsa Nayyara (State Senior High School 5 Surabaya) First Winner in the field of IPH, Adinda Zahra Islami and Fauziyyah Wisnuwardhani (State Senior High School 2 Semarang) First Winner in the category of IPSK, Zulfa Siti Zakia (Islamic High School for Girls PUI Talaga Majalengka) First Winner in the category of IPT, and Erma Wahyu Istiqomah and Juzaili Shahnata Alam (State Senior High School 1 Bawang Banjarnegara ) First Winner in the category of IPK.

In this first workshop, the participants will get material on Presentation Techniques and Scientific Interviews in the judging mode of Competition, Making  Quad Charts, and Making Research Videos. The material will be delivered by the team for the Development of Young Talent Cadres in the Field of Research and Innovation. The second final preparation workshop will be held in May 2022.

“Currently ISEF candidates will also participate in the mentoring and guidance of the Intellectual Property of their research work in collaboration with the Directorate of Intellectual Property Management (MKI). So it is hoped that their work will be protected after participating in international scientific competitions to anticipate news and publications in the future,” explained Arthur.

One of the workshop participants, Erma Wahyu Istiqomah, expressed her gratitude to the entire BRIN LKIR committee for giving her trust and opportunity to process and learn together with BRIN Mentors. “I am very happy and grateful to have been given the opportunity to take part in this extraordinary coaching, so that I can exceed what I imagined to research, and directly involved with the community (tbi