Karangsambung, BRIN Public Relations. Learning to know rocks has now become easier thanks to advances in technology. BRIN through the Karangsambung Geodiversity Campus introduced the Indonesian Geodiversity application to the stakeholders on Friday, (28/1). “This Indonesian Geodiversity Application is a digital platform prepared for the public to learn to know and understand how nature was formed as a geological heritage, as well as activities and facilities at the Karangsambung Geodiversity Campus,” said BRIN’s Acting Deputy for Science and Technology Human Resources, Edy Giri Rachman Putra.

He explained, BRIN through the Deputy for Science and Technology Human Resources is committed to making Karangsambung, the National Geopark, a geological heritage for global education, training, and earth research.

The development of the Indonesian Geodiversity application is in line with the mission of BRIN’s Directorate of Competency Development in creating an easier and more effective learning process. BRIN’s Acting Director of Science and Technology HR Competency Development Sudi Ariyanto said, “We support this application, in line with BRIN’s policy to make the learning and training process more comfortable, faster and easier.”

According to him, nowadays almost everyone has a gadget, so people are more familiar with operating gadgets, especially the Z generation. “With the development of the Indonesian Geodiversity application, the process of learning and getting to know rocks can be done from anywhere,” said Sudi.

He hopes that the application can be utilized and help disseminate geological information to the public. “This is important to improve geological and geodiversity literacy in Indonesia,” he added.

The operation of the Indonesian Geodiversity application is a collaboration between the Deputy for Science and Technology Human Resources involving geological researchers from BRIN’s Earth Science Research Organization. For that purpose, BRIN’s Acting Head of Earth Science Research Organization, Ocky Karna Radjasa, also supports the idea. “The Indonesian Geodiversity Application is BRIN’s commitment to provide services on the Karangsambung Geodiversity Campus, so that the Earth Science Research Organization fully supports this initiative,” he explained.

Furthermore, the launch of the Indonesian Geodiversity application also received a good response from BRIN stakeholders. President of the Indonesian Geopark Network Budi Martono said, “this application is very useful for geotourism guidance in geopark areas.”

Features of the Indonesian Geodiversity Application

The idea of the Indonesian Geodiversity application emerged to respond to the challenges of the 4.0 revolution in providing services and education in the context of socializing earth research in Karangsambung. “The aim is to provide learning resources for Basic Geology, to provide information and list of activities for the Competency Development of Science and Technology Human Resources in Karangsambung, to provide learning resources and information on natural laboratories virtually in a 360 degree fashion, to facilitate questions and answers on the topic of earth with BRIN researchers, to facilitate discussion forums on earth topics, and to provide list of research facilities reservation,” explained the Coordinator of the Competency Development Service Function of the Karangsambung Geodiversity Campus, Indra Riswadinata.

Indra explained that the application is equipped with the features of Basic Geology, Ask a Geologist, Virtual Lab Tour, Competency Development, Community, and Reservation. “The Indonesian Geodiversity application is still Android-based and can be downloaded on the Google Play Store,” he concluded.

For information, the Basic Geology feature provides information on rocks for students, especially elementary school levels in the form of text, videos, and photos. The Competency Development feature aims to facilitate schools and universities so that they can make reservations prior to having field lectures, earth education, and earth excursions in Karangsambung.

The training features can be carried out in Karangsambung or in Jakarta which is affiliated with BRIN’s Directorate of Science and Technology Human Resources Competency Development. Indra explained, the Ask a Geologist feature is to facilitate questions related to geology from the public to BRIN Geology researchers, and the new 360-degree Virtual Lab Tour feature includes five rock outcrop points. “The Community feature is a discussion forum for the community and the reservation feature can help the community access the services available at the Karangsambung Geodiversity Campus,” he concluded. (mn)