Jakarta – BRIN Public Relations. The National Research and Innovation Agency (BRIN) together with the Habibie Program Alumni Association (IABIE) agree to enhance cooperation in advancing science and technology in Indonesia through the use of digital data. This was marked by the signing of a memorandum of understanding between BRIN and 5 related parties in developing digital platforms, Thursday (24/03).

The Memorandum of Understanding aims to maintain and save business potential and ensure Data & Information Sovereignty. This should be maintained by domestic platform providers through strengthening of Research & Innovation in the field of Super Platform Technology that utilizes Frontier/Emerging Technology (Cloud Computing & IoT, Big-Data & Analytic, AI & Machine Learning, Voice Computing & Deep Learning Programmatics Ads & Blockchain, Highly Scalable & Reliable Computing, etc.), Digital Platform Technology & Business Model, and Diffusion of Innovation via Digital Transformation Systemically including Research in Social & Humanities. The five entities involved in this Memorandum of Understanding include: IABIE, PT. Zamrud Khatulistiwa Technology, PT. Svara Innovation Indonesia, PT. Crayonpedia Solusi Nusantara, and PT. Visual Work Solution.

Acting Deputy for Research and Innovation Utilization, Mego Pinandito, said that the collaboration between BRIN and IABIE has actually been going on for a long time, but has yet to have a legal formality. “The momentum of the signing of this cooperation is actually an activity to formalize the cooperation that has been established thus far between BRIN and IABIE,” said Mego.

He explained that previously IABIE had collaborated with former Non-Ministerial Government Institutions (LPNK) such as BATAN, LIPI, LAPAN, BPPT, and the Ministry of Research and Technology which have now integrated into BRIN. With the integration of all LPNKs into BRIN, the cooperation that has been established so far could be even stronger in advancing science and technology in Indonesia.

Responding to the current rapid development of information technology, according to Mego, BRIN must follow suit and immediately transform into the digital era. Through collaboration between experts at IABIE and researchers at BRIN, it is hoped that this transformation will be realized soon.

In this case, said Mego, his organization is very open and will facilitate research activities to be carried out as a follow-up to this collaboration. All research infrastructure owned by BRIN are open and accessible not only to BRIN researchers but also researchers from outside BRIN.

The General Chairperson of IABIE, Bimo Sasongko, welcomed the efforts to improve cooperation with BRIN which was realized by the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding. According to him, this step will further enhance cooperation and the role of each party in advancing science and technology in Indonesia.

“IABIE was set up twelve years ago, so far we have been working together with BRIN, and this is the first time it has been formalized in a cooperation agreement. We have many experts in various fields and are ready to work with BRIN in advancing science and technology in Indonesia,” said Bimo.

Founder of PT Zamrud Khatulistiwa Technology, PT Svara Innovation Indonesia, PT Crayonpedia Solusi Nusantara, PT Solusi Kerja Virtual, Hemat Dwi Nuryanto said mastery of technology is an important part of nation building. “Whoever masters technology will be the one who will prosper. Based on data of per capita income, it can be seen that countries that are experiencing rapid development of prosperity are countries that master technology,” said Hemat.

Currently, according to Bimo, our country is still a technology user, not a technology producer. This has an impact on our per capita income which is very far when compared to countries that have mastered technology.

Therefore, explained Bimo, Indonesia must begin to transform into the digital era as an effort to anticipate the rapid development of information technology. “The development of information technology cannot be separated from 3 things, namely devices, network and application,” added Hemat.

According to him, it is rather difficult for us at present to compete in the field of devices and networks, because these two fields have been controlled by countries that are already capable, such as China, Korea and others. However, in the field of application development, Indonesia has a very good opportunity to develop.

Through this collaboration between IABIE and BRIN, Hemat hopes that various application platforms will grow in Indonesia produced by domestic experts. (pur/ed.maa)