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Some people think that the research budget in Indonesia in the post-integration of BRIN decreases. The research budget of Rp272 billion is considered much lower than it was before integration to BRIN. The head of BRIN, Laksana Tri Handoko, explained that the budget is only for research material spending, while the rest will be charged to the budget in the Deputy and Main Secretariat.

Jakarta, 7 February  2022. Head of the National Research and Innovation Agency (BRIN), Laksana Tri Handoko in the Morning Call, Monday (07/02) emphasized that the interpretation of research budget at BRIN of only IDR272 billion is very wrong, because that amount of budget is allocated only for research materials, distributed directly to research centers.

“The budget directly received by Research Centers is indeed not high, only around IDR272 billion, but do not forget that that budget is only for buying research materials, not for others such as working meetings, coordination meetings, employees’ salaries, electricity and so forth,” explained Handoko.

According to him, many think that the research budget drops, considering that all this time the budget received by research institutions is only for research. In fact, the budget includes many components such as employees’ salaries, operational costs, and so forth.

Handoko further explained that the current BRIN budget still comes from the former 5 main research entities namely BATAN, LIPI, BPPT, LAPAN, the Ministry of Research and Technology, in a total of IDR6.096 trillion. This budget comes from pure rupiah, SBSN, Non-Tax State Revenue, and offshore loans.

In addition to the budget for research materials, there is a budget managed by the Deputy for Science and Technology Human Resources in the amount of IDR188 billion. This budget is used to finance research assistants, visiting professors, postdocs, which thus far cannot be done.

“The budget at the Deputy for Science and Technology Human Resources is to finance visiting professors, postdocs, research assistants, master/doctoral degree students under degree by-research program, and others,” he said.

In addition, there is a budget managed by the Deputy for Research and Innovation Infrastructure in the amount IDR2.168 trillion. This budget is intended for construction and maintenance of infrastructure for research purposes.

Other budgets are managed by the Deputy for Research and Innovation Facilitation worth IDR189 billion. This budget is intended to provide facilities for researchers to carry out various research activities by using the research facilities owned by BRIN.

“This budget is allocated for various research grants, such as the sailing day, expeditions, product testing, local knowledge acquisition, research collaboration centers, and others. In addition, he said, there is also IDR650 billion for National Research Priority grants and COVID-19 research. All of these grants are opened under an open competition system for all parties, including campuses and industries,” he went to say.

Handoko added that there is at least IDR250 billion at the Main Secretariat for the operational budget. One of them is for basic infrastructure costs, such as electricity, internet, subscription to journals and other utilities. In addition, there is an allocation of IDR2.25 trillion for personnel expenditures (salaries and allowances) for all BRIN civitas.

“Unlike before, where each center was allocated a seemingly large budget, but they had to bear all of the above costs. So the budget was spread out in small pieces, and had no spending power,” he said.

For example, he mentioned, one center received an allocation of IDR50 billion in fund, but that  included personnel expenditures and so forth. So it was not possible for them to buy a tool that costs IDR35 billion. “Under the current system, we have high spending power, so we can buy tools to support research IDR150 billion in price,” he concluded.

More information Dyah Rachmawati Sugianto (Public Communication Coordinator)

Purnomo (PIC of BRIN Media Relations)