Jakarta – Head of the National Research and Innovation Agency, Laksana Tri Handoko, encourages people to like doing research. According to him, research is not something exclusive. This was conveyed during a virtual conversation with the 2022 Education Expedition Team from Solopos, Tuesday (8/2).

“The world of research is not only for researchers. Everyone can be a researcher. We tell young people that research is not something exclusive. You do not have to be an academic to do research. We encourage anyone to enjoy doing research,” said the Head of BRIN.

Handoko explained that research activities are a solution to solve problems. So basically, everyone needs to do research. Research also trains people to be sensitive to problems and creative in finding solutions to these problems. Therefore, BRIN provides a stimulus and facilitates it with various schemes that are open to anyone, for example grants for start-ups. “We are open to all people and communities, to anyone. This is a form of BRIN’s support for innovation that comes from the community,” he said.

Handoko also reiterated BRIN’s support and role in research activities in universities. One of BRIN’s roles is to provide research infrastructure, both laboratories and equipment. “Because they (universities) do not yet have (infrastructure), so they can do any research using the research infrastructure that we have,” he said.

Furthermore, BRIN also has a research grant facilitation program which is openly competed. Handoko said that BRIN has provided many facilities for research in universities through various research grant schemes.

“We have various schemes, and they are open to all parties, including universities. Hence, we automatically support higher education research. Universities are also the base for research, not just education,” he explained.

Handoko said, BRIN has consolidated human resources, infrastructure and budget to accommodate these various schemes and research facilities. By consolidating them, BRIN is able to facilitate various parties to participate in research activities, including campuses with their lecturers and students.

“Of course, with this consolidation we are able to initiate open platform, by which we can open research facilities so that campuses and the industry can use this equipment if they do not have one. That was what we could not do before to accommodate researchers in Indonesia,” he said.

On this occasion, the Head of BRIN also expressed his appreciation for the 2022 Education Expedition program carried out by Solopos. This expedition will be from 7-11 February 2022 with the route: Solo – Jogja – Jakarta – Surabaya. The expedition under the theme: Inspirasi dari Inovasi Karya Anak Bangsa (Inspiration from the Innovation made by Children of the Nation), was to cover the results of innovations made by the nation’s children, especially in educational institutions. “Thank you to the Solopos team who are willing to present and introduce the results of educational innovations to the public, hopefully they will be an inspiration to the community,” said Handoko.

Coordinator of the 2022 Education Expedition Team, Tri Wiharto, said that in addition to conducting interviews with the Head of BRIN, they will also visit one of the largest science and technology areas in Indonesia, namely Puspiptek Serpong. (jml)