NO: 009/SP/HM/BKPUK/I/2022

For the first time, the Head of the National Research and Innovation Agency (BRIN) installed definitive structural officials. Seven echelon 2 officials were installed along with seven functional officials. This moment shows that BRIN is serious about carrying out the mandate of the President of the Republic of Indonesia as stated in Presidential Regulation No. 78 of 2021.

 Jakarta, 20 January 2022 – Head of BRIN Laksana Tri Handoko installed seven echelon 2 officials and seven functional officials at the Soemitro Djojohadikoesoemo Auditorium of BJ Habibie Building, Thursday (20/1). The inauguration and taking of oaths/pledges of office were witnessed by officials within BRIN, as well as invited guests who were present, both online and offline.

Handoko said the moment of inauguration of seven people in High Leadership Position (JPT) of Echelon 2 is one of the historic days for BRIN. This is because BRIN, as a newly formed institution, is still filled with acting officials. “Today is a historic day for BRIN, because this is the first JPT inauguration within BRIN. I congratulate the seven Echelon 2 Officials who follow me as definitive officials within BRIN,” said the Head of BRIN.

The first seven echelon 2 officials are the result of an open selection administered by the selection committee team. Handoko also expressed his appreciation to the Chief Secretary and the Selection Committee Team, who had done their job very well. Although of the 10 Echelon 2 Positions opened through the open selection, only 7 have been filled. 3 echelon 2 positions are still vacant, namely for the position of Inspector III, Deputy Secretary for Research and Innovation Infrastructure, and  Deputy Secretary for Research and Innovation Facilitation.

“I made sure that I was not involved from start to finish, although, I did the interview process and had in-depth discussion personally to the 21 candidates stipulated by the selection committee. I am sure that all candidates are the best men and women not only at BRIN but also in our country. Therefore, for those who have not been selected, I encourage them to participate again, as BRIN will open 10 more positions. I hope this process can run quickly so that in the semester this year it can be completed for all positions within BRIN, namely 9 echelon 1, 49 echelon 2, 12 Heads of Research Organizations and 85 Heads of Research Centers,” added Handoko.

The man who was born in Malang on 7 May 7 1968 invited the seven officials to start working and adjust to their respective places. This is because not all have held this position before, in fact most of them are here for the first time. So they must be able to quickly adapt and learn the new tasks.

“This is not easy, because BRIN as a new institution that has received a mandate and is hoped by the public is currently in the spotlight. Of course it is not too difficult either, I am sure you can complete the mandate well. Do not worry, I will accompany you, and I am ready for discussion,” explained Handoko.

For information, the following is a list of names of the inaugurated echelon 2 officials:

1) Arief Hadianto, Inspector I

2) Kriswanto, Inspector II

3) Wiwiek Joelijani, Deputy Secretary for Regional Research and Innovation

4) Nining Setyowati Dwi Andayani, Deputy Secretary for Human Resources, Science and Technology

5) Lindawati Wardani, Deputy Secretary for Research and Innovation Utilization

6) Rudi Arifiyanto, Deputy Secretary for Policy and Development

7) Yudho Baskoro, Deputy Secretary for Policy Research and Innovation


List of functional officials:

1) Ahsanul Khalikin, Senior Researcher

2) Muhammad Al Mujabuddawat, Junior Researcher

3) Evisopandi, Junior Researcher

4) Ita Margaretha Nainggolan, Senior Researcher

5) Frandus, Senior Researcher

6) Dwi Mauliyati, Human Resources Analyst

7) Adam Fuadi, Senior Auditor


At the end of his speech, Handoko also congratulated seven functional officials who were also sworn in at the same time. The inauguration of functional officials is BRIN’s commitment to support career for both Research HR and Research Management HR. “Congratulations to the entire community, hopefully you can immediately work and make the best contribution to the nation and state,” he said.