Jakarta – BRIN Public Relations. “The main thing in research is you, the researchers. As outstanding human resources, you have to be creative, you have to be sensitive to what you see and what you already have,” remarked Head of the Research and Innovation Agency (BRIN), Laksana Tri Handoko in the Morning Roll Call ceremony (14/3).

Handoko said that BRIN researchers must be sensitive to the existing problems, be research problems or any other problems. In addition, he said further, researchers must be creative in using what they already have. For example, he mentioned, use data from the materials that have been collected for years, the infrastructure for conducting research, and carry out research in accordance with your own field.

“Personally, as a researcher, you have to focus on research or on the output of research you want to achieve. You may not wait for DIPA or the command, you have to be proactive,” he continued. To heads of Research Organizations (RO) and heads of Research Centers (PR), Handoko called to immediately finalize the research program planning and the implementation strategy.

“For certain ROs or certain areas in which changes are very substantial, I will prioritize it for special internalization,” he explained. He said that he will immediately in person come to the locations that are considered strategic, because there is no much time available.

Handoko prioritizes research with significant transitional context, both in terms of research governance and substance. “So that is what I will prioritize, a special meeting with Heads of ROs and Heads of RCs,” he said.

Furthermore, Handoko said, for Heads of ROs there need to be some very simple quantitative targets. “Everyone must pay attention to this, especially improvement of the quality of human resources and research outputs, collaboration programs, and global engagement,” he explained.

“Energy and manufacturing are particularly my concern. One of my priorities for direct internalization is in Puspiptek. Because I see that most of the programs in RCs are related to energy and manufacturing. They are indeed very different in terms of content and research activities,” he said. Therefore, he would like to have an in-depth discussion with the related RC heads.

In this Morning Roll Call event, he also informed about the Open Selection to fill in several positions as heads of RCs that are vacant as no qualified candidates yet. The number of candidates who meet the requirements is low, so an open selection for the position will be re-administered. Meanwhile, according to the rules, if the number of candidates who meet the requirements is more than 3, the selection will be carried by ranking based on the track record of research management. (ns/ ed: drs)