JAKARTA, BRIN Public Relations – The preparation for the Troika Meeting in the 3rd Space Economy Leaders Meeting was conducted online, Tuesday (22/03). The 3rd Space Economy Leaders Meeting will be held on 11-12 July 2022 in Jakarta.

This preparatory meeting was attended by the Italian Space Agency (ASI) as the host for the 2021 2nd Space Economy Leaders Meeting, representatives from the National Research and Innovation Agency (BRIN) as the host for this year’s meeting, and the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) as the host in the following year.

Head of the activity Formulating Team for the 3rd Space Economy Leaders Meeting 2022, Erna Sri Adiningsih in her welcoming remarks, expressed her gratitude to ASI, ISRO, and the Monitoring Team from the Ministry of Trade and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as well as BRIN’s other delegates who attended the meeting. This meeting was held in preparation for the 3rd Space Economy Leaders Meeting.

Erna also appreciated ASI for having successfully organized the 2nd Space Economy Leaders Meeting with good results for the future of the space sector.

“The success of the organization of Space Economy Leaders Meeting (Space20) which was first initiated by the Saudi Arabian Space Agency and the second time by the Italian Space Agency hopefuly continues to prevail. The Space20 will be held in Indonesia taking into account the progress of space activities on a global scale,” Erna said.

“As the theme in the G20 presidency proposed by the Government of Indonesia is Recover Together, Recover Stronger, Indonesia proposes to raise the issue of the importance of restoring the global economy through intensification of the space sector, the space industry, use of space technology for sustainable economy (Space for Digital, Green and Blue Economy),” she added.

Erna added that BRIN had formed the Secretariat of the Indonesian Space Agency or INASA (Indonesian Space Agency), previously LAPAN (National Institute of Aeronautics and Space) which has now been integrated into BRIN. Therefore, INASA is legally placed under BRIN and is responsible for international space affairs, including hosting the Space20 event in Indonesia.

In the Lesson-learned session, ASI shared its experience in holding the 2nd Space Economy Leaders Meeting 2021 from preparation to implementation. ASI also presented a proposal for the formation and organizational structure of the Space Economy Leaders Advisory Group (SEL-AG) initiated by ASI. The formation of SEL-AG will be held in parallel with the organization of the 3rd Space Economy Leaders Meeting 2022 in Jakarta.

ASI Representative, Ms. Nunzia Paradiso asked several questions in the question and answer session related to the format of the 3rd Space Economy Leaders Meeting 2022 whether to be conducted online, offline, or hybrid, as well as the weather condition in July 2022. These questions were then responded by Dr.-Ing Wahyudi Hasbi. He said that BRIN has prepared this event in a hybrid format but still hopes to be able to hold it face-to-face by taking into account the ongoing pandemic situation. He also stated that BRIN had consulted with the Ministry of Health regarding the possible pandemic conditions and situation in July.

“No one can predict the future. However, the Ministry of Health expects that in July, the situation will improve. BRIN has prepared the meeting to be held in accordance with existing Health protocol standards, including the bubble scheme that must be followed. With regard to the weather in July, the temperature will be warmer and typically sunny,” he said.

On the Next Step agenda, Dr.-Ing. Wahyudi detailed the subsequent plans carried out by BRIN, namely preparing the administrative requirements and permits, surveying the venue for the 3rd Space Economy Leaders Meeting 2022 and technical visits, internal team and inter-ministerial meetings, communicating with Space Agencies and Space Industrials, sending invitation letters and participant information to the delegates including standard health protocol procedures that must be followed by the delegates who will attend offline and consular information.

In his presentation, Dr.-Ing. Wahyudi also stated that the purpose of holding Space20 activities is to boost cooperation in the use of space technology between G20 countries in order to create an all-digital and sustainable economy and other sustainable development goals (SDGs), and to encourage economic growth through strengthening the space industry, including space startups.

“This goal will be achieved through a policy approach expanding international cooperation with space agencies to utilize the space technology and resources already owned the G20 countries and business facilitation to carry out commercial space activities,” he said.

He also said that considering the gap in space technology capabilities between the G20 countries, countries that already have space scientific missions can open opportunities for other member countries to be involved in the mission. Hence, the points of priority issues that will be discussed are among others encouraging cooperation in the use of space technology between G20 countries to realize the Space for Digital, Blue and Green Economy.

“In the area of ​​digital economy, it is important to promote the capacity in satellite communications through international cooperation as well as direct acquisitions in satellite development. Continuity of services and application of global navigation satellite systems for various economic sectors is another important issue, especially for its accuracy which needs to be improved. Along with the increase in the marine-based economy, use of earth observation satellites for the Blue Economy needs to be strengthened. Strengthening the use of earth observation satellites in detecting carbon footprints is also highlighted to support the Green Economy through cooperation and sharing platforms as well as expert exchange programs in the use of outer space,” he said.

ASI then shared its experience in preparing the last year’s event. The BRIN team has also had got lesson-learned from ASI so that it is hoped that the preparation can be better for the success of holding the 3rd Space Economy Leaders Meeting 2022. (dv)