Jakarta – BRIN Public Relations. The National Research and Innovation Agency (BRIN) through the Directorate of Intellectual Property Management presented important matters related to protection of Intellectual Property (IP), especially the results of research and innovation to young people, Wednesday (09/02). The activity which was packaged in a webinar under the theme “Innovation and Intellectual Property”, is a follow-up to the Youth Scientific Work Competition (LKIR) and the National Young Inventors Award (NYIA) year 2021 organized by the Directorate of Talent Management.

Acting Director of Talent Management, Raden Arthur Ario Lelono, said that BRIN has prepared various post-competition youth research development programs that are carried out continuously. “In an effort to give added value, BRIN does not only stop at giving appreciation, platform of IP development, socialization, education and providing an international stage, but also seeks to introduce research and innovation in real setting to the public,” said Arthur.

The Coordinator for the Development of Intellectual Property (IP), Riyadil Jinan shared the view adding that as an effort to develop young talents in a sustainable manner, BRIN facilitates the LKIR and NYIA finalists. “BRIN facilitates the results of research from LKIR and NYIA finalists, one of which is facilitation of intellectual property. Adolescent researchers and innovators are expected to able to recognize IP and understand how to protect their work in accordance with applicable laws,” explained Riyadil.

Intellectual Property Analyst and use of science and technology, Irwan Budhi Iswanto explained the importance of protection and the types of scope of Intellectual Property (IP) protection. He also explained that not everything can be patented. There are several types of Intellectual Property (IP) protection among others copyright protection, patents, trademarks, industrial designs, DTLST (integrated circuit layout design), PVP (plant variety protection). and trade secrets.

“The goal of this webinar is for participants to understand all about IP and how to register an IP. Especially for the NYIA and LKIR finalists, the process of registration and maintenance of IP will not only be guided, but they will be assisted in the maintenance as long as the submitted documents are complete and meet the required requirements. This shows BRIN’s concern for the research and innovation works of the younger generation,” said Irwan.

Irwan elaborated the various benefits that can be earned by registering IPR. First, those who are interested in using youth research and innovations must buy the rights so that the owners of the rights can get profit or economic benefits. Second, the advantage for schools is that they get prestige or pride, such as accreditation in universities. Although this does not directly generate profit for the school, it can provide an opportunity to be exhibited or appreciated by the local office which will give an added value to the school.

In the future, IP webinar participants will be assisted in exploring potential IP and analyzing IP for their work, which will then be followed by copyright assistance by BRIN’s IP Management Directorate team. It does not end here, because after copyright assistance, the finalists are also planned to be invited for patent assistance in March and copyright and patent registration in April. This entire series of events is entirely the facility provided by BRIN to facilitate the participants in arranging for registration of Intellectual Property (IPR) for their works. (dr/ed:yt,pur)