Yogyakarta – BRIN Public Relations. The National Research and Innovation Agency (BRIN) through the Natural Material Technology Research Center (BPTBA) has built an integrated traditional food management research facility with cGMP standards or Traditional Food GMP Facility (TFGF). This construction uses the State Sharia Securities (SBSN) scheme in 2020-2021.

“Currently, the construction process of TFGF facility at BPTBA has completed. We will soon enter the stage of maintenance and arrangement of laboratory equipment,” said Acting Head of Technical Engineering Research Organization, Agus Haryono on a working visit at BRIN BPTBA Thursday, (1/13/2022).

Agus actively oversees the construction process of the TFGF SBSN facility from the time of transfer to utilization of the facility for BRIN researchers later. “During this integration period, it is important to see the readiness and arrangement of a conducive work environment for BRIN researchers, so that they remain productive,” explained the Professor of macromolecular chemistry.

Construction of the TFGF SBSN facility is important for the development of research on packaging and on halal at BRIN. “BRIN BPTBA’s flagship program is development of food technology and processes, which includes the technology for packaging food products and halal research. With support of more complete laboratory facilities, it is hoped that the results of our research can be utilized optimally,” explained Acting Head of BPTBA Office, Satriyo Krido Wahono.

According to him, the halal research which will be handled by BPTBA has received supports from many parties, including Indonesian Vice President Ma’aruf Amin. “The vice president encourages BRIN to set up a halal research center, asides from canning factories which also serves as a sign of implementation of halal certification on food products produced by SMEs,” added Satriyo.

The TFGF facility consists of laboratories and supporting instruments. “There are a total of four buildings, namely a co-working space building, an integrated laboratory building, an in-vivo testing building, and a cGMP process building,” said Safitri Widodo, manager of the laboratory facilities at BRIN BPTBA.

She added that each building is equipped with specific laboratory facilities.

“Later on, there will be several laboratory facilities including Biomolecular Lab, Food Microbiology Lab, and Food Mycology Lab that will support halal research. Meanwhile, the cGMP process building is equipped with a cGMP packaging line, a cocoa/coffee production and processing line, a flouring process, a noodle production line, a product development lab (dry, fermented, meat, beverage), and a Sensory Lab,” she explained.

According to Widodo, the integrated laboratory building will function as a laboratory for packaging materials, food stability, food safety, food chemistry, food physics, and food engineering. “Meanwhile, the in-vivo testing building facilities are used for testing the products, especially on experimental animals in the form of mice; in addition to research labs related to chickens and cows, she said. (Ky Mn)