Jakarta, BRIN Public Relations. The National Research and Innovation Agency (BRIN) announced the top 3 in the results of open selection to fill the position of heads of Research Organizations (RO) within BRIN. 30 participants have been declared passed the final assessment to fill the position of 10 heads of OR. The announcement is incorporated in the Announcement Letter of BRIN Acting Chief Secretary as the Chair of Open Selection Committee, number: B-11883/II/KP.02.01/2/2022, dated 17 February 2022.

Based on data from BRIN’s Bureau of Organization and Human Resources, the open selection of candidates for heads of RO was attended by 81 applicants from academicians, BRIN researchers, and human resources from ministries and institutions.

In every opportunity, Head of BRIN, Laksana Tri Handoko, calls academicians who meet the requirements of open selection to register. “Currently, registration for open selection for the position of head of BRIN Research Center has been opened. I encourage BRIN’s community members to register and participate in this open selection process,” he said.

BRIN Chief Secretary Nur Tri Aries said that the open selection for head of Nuclear Energy RO and Head of Archeology, Language and Literature RO will be repeated in the next period for none of the participants has met the stipulated requirements. The decision of the Open Selection Committee in the selection of Head of BRIN Research Organization for 2022 is unanimous and uncontestable.

The following are names of participants who are declared passed the final assessment in the open selection to fill 10 positions as heads of BRIN’s research organizations in 2022:

  1. Position: Head of Aviation and Space Research RO

Participants’ names:

  1. M. Rokhis Khomarudin
  2. Rika Andiarti
  3. Robertus Heru Triharjanto


  1. Position: Head of Governance, Economy and Community Welfare Research RO

Participants’ names:

  1. Agus Eko Nugroho
  2. Maxensius Tri Sambodo
  3. Mohammad Mulyadi


  1. Position: Head of Social Sciences and Humanities RO

Participants’ names:

  1. Ahmad Najib Burhani
  2. Herry Jogaswara
  3. Suswandari


  1. Position: Head of Electronics and Informatics RO

Participants’ names:

  1. Budi Prawara
  2. Hilman Ferdinandus Pardede
  3. Michael Andreas Purwoadi


  1. Position: Head of Energy Research and Manufacturing RO

Participants’ names:

  1. Budi Prawara
  2. Haznan Abimanyu
  3. Ratno Nuryadi


  1. Position: Head of Nanotechnology and Materials RO

Participants’ names:

  1. Asep Riswoko
  2. Ratno Nuryadi
  3. Yenny Meliana


  1. Position: Head of Geology and Maritime RO

Participants’ names:

  1. Fadli Syamsudin
  2. Iskhaq Iskandar
  3. Ocky Karna Radjasa


  1. Position: Head of Health RO

Participants’ names:

  1. Agung Eru Wibowo
  2. Andria Agusta
  3. NLP Indi Dharmayanti


  1. Position: Head of Life Science and Environmental RO

Participants’ names:

  1. Iman Hidayat
  2. Puspita Lisdiyanti
  3. Yopi


  1. Position: Head of Agriculture and Food RO

Participants’ names:

  1. Dwinita Wikan Utami
  2. Muhammad Azrai
  3. Puji Lestari

Names of the participants in this announcement are arranged in alphabetical order based on the first name. These names will be forwarded to BRIN’s Personnel Development Officer for decision in accordance with the provisions of applicable laws and regulations (tnt/ed:drs).