NO: 016/SP/HM/BKPUK/II/2022

BRIN Announces Recipients of First Batch Research-Based Startup Company Funding

Research-Based Startup Company Funding (PPBR) is one of seven research and innovation funding schemes launched by the National Research and Innovation Agency (BRIN) since 2021. 9 PBBRs are to receive the funding in the first batch of 2022. The PPBR Funding Scheme is implemented to encourage provision of funds up to coaching PPBR. Therefore, in order to announce the results of selection of the first batch of PPBR Funding program, and introduce the program to research activists and startup companies to develop their utilizing the result of BRIN research, BRIN will hold a Webinar on Research and Innovation Facilitation and Funding (WALIDASI) BRIN 1 StartUp Edition.

Jakarta, 17 February 2022. Since 2021 BRIN has launched seven research and innovation funding schemes, namely: 1) BRIN National Research Priority (PRN) Flagship for 2022-2024; 2) Research-Based Startup Company Funding; 3) Facilitation of Sailing Day for 2022 – 2024; 4) Funding of Research on Handling Corona Virus Disease 2019 (Covid-19); 5) Facilitation of Research Collaboration Centers; 6) Expedition and Exploration Funding for 2022 – 2024; and 7) Facilitation of Health Innovation Product Testing.

All these funding and facilitation schemes are not only meant to finance research activities for researchers at BRIN, but are also open and accessible to all parties on a competitive basis.

One of the schemes that has been launched and which selection process has been completed is Research-Based Startup Company Funding (PPBR). The recipients of this funding in the first batch of 2022 are 9 PPBRs. Head of BRIN, Laksana Tri Handoko, said the PPBR funding scheme aims to encourage funding to coaching PPBRs, so as to form sustainable startup companies. Through this scheme, BRIN provides broad opportunities to all Indonesian citizens to utilize and commercialize BRIN research results.

“We are proud to play an active role in strengthening the countrys economic pillars so that the public have better understanding that research and innovation in Indonesia are not only for researchers, but also used by the entire community, and provide added value for micro-economic commodities,” said Handoko.

He said that the collaboration between science and technology and industry would not only strengthen the economy from within, but would also become a showcase for the world to see regarding the absorption of research products on economic growth and industrial activities. “What we need to show the world is that Indonesia is ready to Recover Together Recover Stronger, in conformity with our spirit in welcoming our role as the host of this years G20,” concluded Handoko.