Jakarta – BRIN Public Relations. The National Research and Innovation Agency (BRIN) through the Aviation and Space Research Organization is involved in the plan to develop the National Capital City (IKN), Nusantara. Head of BRIN Aeronautics and Space Research Organization (OR PA), Robertus Heru Triharjanto, said that BRIN in collaboration with the Geospatial Information Agency provides satellite imagery for thematic mapping of land cover in the IKN development plan.

“If during the development process of this IKN, change occurs in the land use, we will monitor it again with satellite imagery. We will provide data, for example, how many roads have been built, change of land to open land, and so on,” he explained during an online interview with CNBC, Friday (11/03).

However, he said further, the IKN area is covered with clouds almost all year round, so we need strategy to use more advanced technology such as radar satellite in mapping the IKN.

“When we want to take photos with optical cameras from satellites, clouds often block us. Another strategy is that we may use more advanced technology for mapping, such as satellite radar. This radar satellite can penetrate the clouds, “explained Heru (tnt)