Bedugul- BRIN Public Relations. The National Research and Innovation Agency (BRIN) has various research facilities spreading across in various regions in Indonesia. Through the results of research and development of science and technology, BRIN is ready to establish collaboration with various parties.

Mego Pinandito, BRIN Deputy for Research and Innovation Utilization, said that botanical gardens are one of research institutions open to the public. This was conveyed when he visited the Bali Botanical Garden, in Bedugul, Saturday (29/01)

Botanical gardens have functions in conservation, environmental services, and tourism. In addition, botanical gardens have the function to maintain the air quality of an area. “In the context of utilization, botanical gardens are not only for community visits, but also as the place where they can feel the cool air and the greenness of botanical gardens. Besides, we know the role of a botanical garden, as the lung of an area,” he said.

During this pandemic, people really crave a beautiful and cool open place. Botanical gardens can be a place where people can go to. “The Bali Botanical Garden is located at an altitude of 1,200 m above sea level with a very cool air around. Hopefully by visiting botanical gardens as utilization of BRIN’s assets, the community will be healthy,” he explained.

Mego also said that there are many research activities carried out in the Bali Botanical Garden. This will certainly provide benefits in the context of utilization of collected plants. Medicinal plants, ornamental plants, and highland specific plants are highly possible for research collaboration between BRIN researchers. In addition, research collaboration is also carried out with universities and industries. “Even SMEs also get economic opportunities and benefits from the existence of botanical gardens. Cool air, regularity and well-maintained environment create the potential for tourism development,” he added.

Equally important is the digital transformation process that is currently BRIN’s concern. Use of digital technology opens up opportunities for collaboration with various institutions. “BRIN is ready to collaborate with various parties,” said Mego.

Mego stated that use of digital technology in botanical gardens can be done in various sectors. Digital technology can be applied on collected plants and the processes in it. This process also opens up opportunities for research collaboration in the digital field. (gws/yul/igp)