Jakarta – BRIN Public Relations. The Research Collaboration Center (PKR) Facilitation Program is a forum for building culture of research collaboration among researchers, so that hopefully they can synergize with each other towards achieving superior and competitive research. Head of the National Research and Innovation Agency (BRIN) Laksana Tri Handoko explained that currently BRIN has 85 Research Centers under 12 Research Organizations. However, the 85 Research Centers are still generic in nature.

“This PKR focuses more on specific research substances so as to further improve the aspects of research capacity and competence, and encourage researchers to collaborate more,” said the Head of BRIN in his welcome speech at the Walidasi Edition of the Research Collaboration Center, Batch 1, Friday (11/3).

According to him, this facilitation is not a new scheme, but an upgrade from the previous Science and Technology Superior Program (PUI). Handoko also said that BRIN is obliged to strengthen and improve the research ecosystem, so that everyone can participate in research activities. This PKR is one of the schemes to encourage this program.

Handoko said, this research collaboration center facilitation is also to respond to the rapid development of research and science, because the research spectrum has been broadly diversified and increasingly detailed. “If we form a permanent Research Center, it will be a burden. Hence we have to optimize human resources on campus and industries so that they can be adaptive to the dynamics of research that continues to develop, “he said.

Handoko hopes that more parties will submit attractive and competitive proposals. He also hopes that the current PKR will continue to be developed from the Science and Technology PKR and Industrial PKR. “In the future we will also develop it into an international PKR affiliated with local campuses and global partners,” he hoped.

BRIN Acting Deputy for Research and Innovation Facilitation Agus Haryono shares this view saying that PKR is a forum for collaboration that utilizes research and innovation, especially those of international standard, in multi- and interdisciplinary specific fields.

“We want to encourage a culture of collaboration. We hope in the future there will be multidisciplinary collaboration and even international collaboration so that it will become a center of excellence or a hub for the growth of new research-based science and technology,” explained Agus.

Agus said, currently PKR is only open for researchers from universities that have been appointed as proposers. In the future, BRIN will open this program as wide as possible not only to universities but also hospitals or R&D institutions under the industries involved in the Research Collaboration Center.

One of the goals of facilitating this research collaboration center, Agus continued, is to improve critical mass. Although BRIN has now integrated all R&D units, BRIN still requires various aspects of competencies so that they can complement each other between universities, industries and R&D institutions.

Agus said that as from the opening date for submission for proposal to get Facilitation from the Research Collaboration Center for Batch 1 of 2022, 38 proposals have been submitted. After going through the administrative selection, 15 proposals passed. Then, following selection on the substance and reviewing the budget proposals, 6 proposals were decided to receive the facilitation from BRIN Research Collaboration Center.

The six selected proposals include from Center for Biosensors and Biodevices for  Tropical Diseases and Disease Outbreaks Control (ITB), Collaborative Center for Biofilm Research (UGM), Collaborative Center for Biomass-Based Nano Technology Cosmetic Research (Mularman University), Center for Functional Metabolomics Research: Biomarker and Mechanisms (University of Indonesia), Research and Development of Biomaterials From Marine Biological Resources (Padjadjaran University), and Center for Biomass and Biorefinery Research Collaboration (Padjadjaran University).

BRIN will reopen the Research Collaboration Center Facilitation for Batch 2 in the April-June period and Batch 3 in the October period. “Registration will be open throughout the year and so far we find the interest is very high. We hope it will increase more,” he concluded. (jml)