Jakarta – BRIN Public Relations. Acting Head of Archaeological, Language and Literature Research Organization of the National Research and Innovation Agency (ARBASTRA RO – BRIN), Herry Jogaswara, held an audience with the Director General of Culture, Ministry of Education, Culture, Research and Technology (Kemendikbudristek), Hilmar Farid, in the context of establishing cooperation on the importance of archeology, language, and literature to strengthen science-based research in Jakarta (21/03).

In this meeting, which was held in a hybrid manner, the Head of BRIN’s ARBASTRA RO said that it is necessary to have cooperation between BRIN and the Ministry of Education and Culture . “This meeting is expected to strengthen research collaboration with policy execution in several existing programs,” he said.

Herry mentioned the need for basic research that is very helpful in determining the direction of cultural development so that appropriate policies can be taken. “Subsequently, further steps are needed to preserve historical sites in terms of archeology, language and culture,” he added.

Herry also explained that the ARBASTRA RO has 2 program homes that can be used as references in carrying out activities. These program homes contain the cluster of Archipelago Civilization and the cluster of National Identity that can be used as a reference in carrying out future activities.

On the same occasion, the Director General of Culture, Hilmar Farid said that archaeological heritages have a lot of stories. “Many archaeological heritages have not been revealed fully, although many research results have been produced,” he said. “It needs to be done with the concept of evidence-based work through collaboration between the Ministry of Education and Culture, BRIN, Regional Government,” added Hilmar.

The Director General of Culture welcomed this cooperation plan. According to him, collaboration is needed to improve research, development and policies of stakeholders so that civilization and cultural preservation can be well maintained and in line with the policies that will be taken. The collaboration is expected to be adjusted to the program prepared according to their respective duties and functions, in detail in the current year.

Also present in the meeting with the Director General of Culture were Acting Head of Environmental, Maritime, and Sustainable Culture Archeology Research Center (RC), Marlon Nicolai Ramon Ririmasse, Acting Head of Prehistoric and Historical Archeology RC, M. Irfan Mahmud, Acting Head of  Archeometric RC, Sofwan Noerwidi, Acting Head of Public Relations of Language and Literature Preservation RC, Katubi, Acting Head of Manuscript, Literature and Oral Tradition RC, Sastri Sunarti, Acting Head of Legal and Cooperation Bureau, Mila Kencana, South Sumatra Chief Archaeologist, Wahyu Rizky A., Coordinator of Domestic Cooperation, Mayrianti Annisa Anwar. (maa/ ed: mk)