Jakarta – BRIN Public Relations. The National Research and Innovation Agency (BRIN) views that good archive management is important for a research institution. This was stated by the Head of BRIN, Laksana Tri Handoko at the signing of memorandum of understanding between BRIN and the Indonesian National Archives (ANRI), Jakarta, Thursday (13/01/2021).

BRIN as a research institution certainly produces a lot of information related to expertise and knowledge, and that must be saved. This collaboration with ANRI is one of BRIN’s efforts to save the data.

“In terms of research, we do a lot of activities. There we have a lot of data, in the form of manuscripts and digital produced by BRIN researchers. This collaboration is a good thing for both parties in order to save archives,” said Handoko.

On this occasion, Handoko emphasized BRIN’s commitment to the national movement of archive order awareness. This movement is an effort to build awareness among all elements of society on the importance of managing archives, especially those related to government bureaucracy.

“God willing, we at BRIN can carry out this commitment, especially now that almost everything at BRIN is digital. This makes it easier to handle archives,” added Handoko.

Handoko hoped that this collaboration will be immediately followed up by both parties so that it can contribute positively to the people of Indonesia.

Head of ANRI, Imam Gunarto said that the collaboration initiated by the two parties is aimed at realizing their concern and participation so it will contribute to the advancement of science, technology, and archives that are beneficial to society, nation and state. This is intended to build a synergistic framework of cooperation between the two institutions in increasing and utilizing the potential of each party in the field of archives optimally.

Imam Gunarto expressed his high appreciation to BRIN for its commitment to improved collaboration and synergy between institutions in the context of archiving. “I appreciate BRIN for organizing archives starting from human resource development, archive systems, policy studies, to research and innovation, and strengthening archives through research and innovation processes in accordance with the direction of President Jokowi, namely to make Indonesia as reference for the archive world.” said Imam.

Through good archive management, Imam hopes that all information on research results and innovations produced by BRIN can be used as historical evidence for the works of the nation in conducting research. Archives must be able to save this information which can later be shown to the world that our nation is not a nation of plagiarists but a nation that is able to create its own works.

“I ask BRIN to strengthen the world of archive through research and innovation processes as directed by the President of the Republic of Indonesia, namely to make Indonesian archives as reference for other countries,” Imam hoped. (pur)