The 7th APEC PPSTI was held in Arequipa, Peru from 10-12 May 2016. Sixteen member Economies (Australia, Canada, Chile, China, Indonesia, Korea, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Papua New Guinee, Peru, The Philippines, Russia, Chinese Taipei, United States of America, and Vietnam), ABAC, and six guests (Asia Pacific Rim University-APRU; International Association of Science Park-IASP; Macao, China; Mr. Yang Tianruo; Mr. Gary Urteaga; Ms. Irina Rymshina) attended the meeting. The theme of PPSTI-7 Meeting was “Science, Technology and Innovation for Quality Growth”. The Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education as the Indonesian Focal Point of APEC PPSTI was represented by Head of Cooperation, Ms. Tri Sundari and Head of Sub-division for Domestic Cooperation, Ms. Wike Wijayanti.

PPSTI-7 was chaired by Mr. Chen Linhao (China) with Ms. Karin Fassbender (Peru) and Ms. Christin Kjealland (USA) as vice-chairs and ABAC Principal Advisor, Mr. Nicholas Brooke. The Meeting was opened by the opening remarks from the President of National Council for Science, Technology and Technological Innovation (CONCYTEC), Peru, Ms. Gisella Orjeda. Ms. Orjeda welcomed and appreciated the participation of the delegation from member Economies. She further mentioned that PPSTI is an active working group which attempt to address the APEC goals by having both economic and technical cooperation. Ms. Orjeda also suggested to always support mobility of high level skilled human resources across member Economies and increase the involvement of private sectors.

Chairman Chen Linhao in his speech mentioned some agendas, such as put more emphasize on policy issues, for example, entrepreneurship for quality growth. He also highlighted the increasing number of project proposal have been submitted in the secretariat and good collaboration with other fora. Mr. Linhao congratulated the re-engagement of ABAC in the PPSTI. The suggestion is also amended by the ABAC Principal Advisor and asking to identify the potential cooperation between PPSTI and ABAC.

In the afternoon session, PPSTI’s 3 sub-groups were held with the following sub-themes: A) Building science capacity (chair: the Philippines, vice chair: Malaysia), B) Promoting enabling environment for innovation (chair: the Philippines, vice chair: United State), C) Enhancing regional science and technology connectivity (chair: Chinese Taipei, vice chair: Peru). Projects and proposals under the PPSTI working group were presented during the sessions.

Day 2 of the meeting was commenced by the Innovation Policy Sharing Seminar under the theme “Promoting entrepreneurship for quality growth”. It was covered three sessions of which included (i) educating and engaging a tech savvy youth for the Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) job market (ii) encouraging entrepreneurship from the perspectives of government, academic and business and (iii) financing an STI ecosystem.

After the Seminar, it was continued by the wrap-up of the sub groups, presented by each of the chairs and co-chairs of the sub groups; report on the forthcoming APEC Centers cooperation Conference and the upcoming meeting of the chief science advisors and equivalents. The next meeting of APEC PPSTI will be held in Lima, Peru in August 2016. (ts/bkkp)