Serpong – In the year 2015/2016, news about fake diplomas dominated within society and social media. Over the past ten months, Kemristekdikti have received many letters requesting verification for the legality of diploma’s either from individuals, NGOs, and government agencies.

To prevent and minimize diploma forgery, and to improve public services on checking validity of the diploma in a quick, precise, and accurate manner, the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education (Kemristekdikti) released an Online Diploma Verification System (SIVIL) and National Diploma Numbering (PIN) during the National Education Day ceremony at Puspiptek Serpong (02/05).

SIVIL is an online diploma verification system being integrated with the Higher Education Data Base, hence the legality of a graduate will be verified for consistency against his/her education history in university and fulfill the national standards of higher education. Another benefit of this service that can be accessed directly by the public is it can be used to verify the diploma using a copy by entering the number listed on the diploma.

Meanwhile PIN is a unique number consisting of 14 digit code identifying program study, year of graduation, and the student’s serial number. PIN is obtained by a student and valid during his/her learning period in the university on certain program studies. PIN is provided to facilitate data collection and statistical analysis of university graduates in Indonesia. This numbering system is generated automatically and can be accessed by every university, and equipped with a digit-check security system. PIN is expected to be a solution on preventing diploma forgery and at the same time ensuring the legality of Indonesian diploma.

In his opening remarks, Minister Nasir revealed that implementation of this program will be broadcast continuously and effectively implemented in September 2016. “These fake diploma’s have harmed all of us, including universities whose name were used in it,” stressed the Minister Nasir during the launch of SIVIL and PIN.

Together we can prevent and minimize the variety of fraud on higher education in order to improve the quality of education in Indonesia. (dts)