Bandung – BRIN Public Relations. The integration of the West Java Archaeological Center into the National Research and Innovation Agency (BRIN) opens up greater potential for researchers to pursue careers and collaborate. Acting Head of BRIN’s Archaeological, Language and Literature Research Organization (Arbastra RO) Herry Jogaswara said the RO is striving to speed up the process of harmonization between the Center and research centers at Arbastra RO.

“This meeting is expected to serve as a liaison between the Center and research centers at Arbastra RO, so that in the future, researchers can collaborate in conducting research and the goal of making Arbastra RO a research reference can be realized immediately,” he said during a meeting with representatives of the former employees of the West Java Archaeological Center, Thursday (7/4).

Herry conveyed several matters related to determination of human resources, harmonization of the Center and research centers at Arbastra RO, and making the Center and research centers under Arbastra RO as a reference for knowledge.

In this meeting, Herry explained the program home of Arbastra RO. The first program home is Nusantara Civilization, namely reconstruction of various achievements made by the nation’s ancestors in the history of the development of Nusantara civilization for the stability of the country in facing globalization. It aims to reconstruct the cultural history, ways of life and cultural processes of the past, to reconstruct the thoughts of the nation’s ancestors in tolerance of life and environmental wisdom and to reconstruct the civilization of the archipelago through language and literature.

The second program home reveals the linkage of various national identities which aims to reveal the roots of Indonesian identity and characters, and subsequently, to recommend cross-cultural interactions and networks between nations in the history of the Indonesian nation and strengthen the notion of tolerance in the life of the nation, cultural diplomacy in the global realm.

These two program homes are to realize the vision of “building Indonesia with civilization and national identity”. The presentation of these program homes is expected to be the basis for researchers at the Center and research centers in conducting research.

Other discussions at the meeting included administrative processes such as co-working space, research flows, HKM/KKM targets, as well as collaboration between researchers and various agencies in Indonesia.

This meeting was warmly welcomed by the civitates from the Center and research centers at Arbastra RO. In this meeting, they can discuss directly with the Head of Arbastra RO which result can be used as the materials in a meeting with the Head of BRIN.

“Praise be to God, today we are having the Acting Head of Arbastra RO and we can bring together the head of RO with researchers of the former West Java Archaeological Center and former Language Office. We feel grateful, because all this time the researchers have been worried about attendance, journals, HKM, KKM. This provides a fairly clear explanation about many things, so that we can determine where to start,” said Deni Sutrisna, Head of the West Java Archaeological Center.

He hopes that the integration into BRIN can expand the scope and strengthen the cooperation that has been carried out by the West Java Archaeological Center before. (rr/ed:kg,jml)