Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Ambassador of Finland HE Paivi Hiltunen-Toivio, accompanied by Dr. Pasi Kaskinen, Executive Vice President, Finland University, Dr. Minna Makihonko, Finland Senior Adviser, University Colleagues and Prof. Hafid Abas carried out a courtesy call to HE Prof Mohamad Nasir, Minister of Research Technology and Higher Education.

In the discussion, Minister Nasir gave appreciation to the Government of Finland, because since the signing of the Cooperation Agreement for Science, Technology and Innovation with Minister Krista Kiuru, Minister of Education and Communications of Finland in Helsinki 26 April 2015, there have many progresses been achieved.

This Agreement has been materialized with the following activities:
(i) Joint workshop on research development of trolleybus and power generation unit (PGU) in Indonesia.
(ii) Higher Education leaders visited Finland (UNHAS, UGM, UPI, UI, IPB, UNJ, ITB) in September 2015. They were keen to explore research and education in the field of agriculture, environment, health, information and communication technology. The Indonesian delegation was led by Secretary General Prof. Ainun Na’im.
(iii) Meetings and discussions on the revitalization of higher education: “ Enhancing the Quality of Teaching in Indonesia”, where Dr. Pasi from the University of Finland informed that a number of universities from Indonesia have been cooperating with higher education in Finland, and they plan to organize ‘Kick off’ at the end of February or early March 2017.

Minister Nasir welcomed the plan and appointed the Director General of Science, Technology and Higher Education Institutional, Patdono Suwignjo, Ph.D and Director General of Learning and Students Affairs, Prof. Intan Ahmad to follow up this program.

Further, Director General Patdono Soewignjo said that the initiative of ‘revitalization of higher education programs, particularly for vocational higher education’ will determine the future of the young generation of Indonesia and now is becoming the main program in Indonesia. Finland is known as a very advanced country in the field of education, and believed to be one of the Indonesia’s reliable partners in the implementation of the revitalization of higher education, including vocational higher education.