A team of students from Padjajaran University’s geological engineering department finished second in the Micromine Competition held as part of the 2019 Youth Mining Camp in the National Development University (UPN) in Yogyakarta, May 3, 2019.

The team consisted of Alfi Nur Afifah and Dzaka Ali Saiful Husna with the accompaniment of three department lecturers, Dr. Ir. Emi Sukiyah, MT., Dr. Ir. Dewi Gentana, Dipl. Geothermal, M.M., and Adi hardiyono, S.T., M.T.

In the competition, participants were tasked with creating a model using an app called Micromine, based on data made available by the organizer. They then presented results of their model in front of the board of jury and analysts from Micromine.

“We were asked to create a model for the data. Primarily, the model of gold’s ore body,” said Dzaka in an interview at the department building, May 8, 2019.

Micromine is an application that is widely used in the mining sector, particularly for exploration stage. Unpad is one of universities that received grant in the form of academic license from Micromine. Unpad students have used the application in their learning process at their school.

Emi, one of the lecturers accompanying the team, said: “An ability to use Micromine gives advantages for students.”

Team members and the lecturers have expressed hopes that Unpad could improve in the future and more students from the university could be able to use Micromine.