SEMARANG – A team of three students from Semarang-based Diponegoro University (Undip) has created a device called Sinting (Sound Energy Harvesting) that can convert noisy sound around airport to electrical power.

For a long time, airport noise has yet to be harnessed. This condition has inspired the three students to assemble the device with the help of funding from the Student Creativity Program in Invention.

The device uses the principle of electromagnetic induction found in microphone. As the current from a microphone is minuscule, the team has included some additional technologies to boost the production of electrical current.

The device uses a parabolic reflector to capture noise before focusing on its transducer system, which then triggers electromagnetic induction. This process produces electrical power reaching 11.14 volt from 108.4 dBA of noise.

The team needed three months to design the device at Undip’s electronical physics and instrumentation laboratory. Team members have been helped by their professor Dr. Catur Edi Widodo, M.T. It is hoped that the device can be developed well and be installed at Indonesian airports.