This is an era where people use social media to share various kind of information, including to show they care to the society they live in. Aware of this phenomenon, three University of Indonesia students decided to create an innovative platform through which people can donate:

Radhiyan Pasopati Pribadi, Mutsla Qanitah – both students of UI’s school of social and political sciences – and Luthfi Abdurrahim from school of computer sciences are people behind the platform. They established it based on the concept of cashless donation.

“Users only need to watch a 10-second ad, after sharing or liking our donation-related contents,” said Pribadi.

The amount of views will then be converted into cash to fund social entrepreneurship projects. “This allows people to donate even if they don’t have money,” said Pribadi. has been able to collect money for a project that gave away 1,001 free soaps to survivors of the Palu-Donggala disasters and one that distributed 1,001 free milk packages to children in the areas surrounding tsunami-ravaged Sunda Strait. connects users, advertisers and recipients, teaming up with the national alms agency (Baznas) to ensure the money goes to the intended targets.

Pribadi said his team had a plan to allow users to create their own campaigns through its platform. is open for public partnership, such as with donation institutions.

These students hope that could simplify donation distribution. There will be no more boundary for people to do good things, that is donating, even if they do not have enough cash to do so.