JAKARTA – A team of fourteen engineering students from University Indonesia grabbed the 4th position in the 2019 Solar & Energy Boat Challenge held between June 2 and 6, 2019, in Monaco.

Called Hydros FTUI, the team designed a catamaran powered by an eco-friendly battery of 5 kWh and has a cockpit. The boat is also equipped with a 2.5 square meter solar panel to store power and improve its speed.

Team captain Bayu Anugerah (maritime engineering class of 2016) said: “Our boat is powered by a 10 kW electric machine, carbon-fiber-made cockpit which is much lighter than steel or wood but has a power equal to that of steel-made one. The cockpit’s lightness will boost the acceleration and maximum speed of our boat.”

Hydros FTUI competed against 34 teams from 14 countries in the Energy Class.

Apart from grabbing the 4th position in the Championship Race (Energy Class), the team also obtained Spirit Prize, which was given based on determination and motivation of a team.

Hydros Efficiency general manager Jeremie Lagarrigue said the UI team has “enormous spirit and motivation” to compete in the race. He also praised the design of the boat’s cockpit, highlighting its aerodynamics.