Gadjah Mada University rector has given the blessings to the campus’ two teams that would compete in three electric car competitions.

The Semar team would participate in the 2019 Shell Eco Marathon Asia that will be held at Sepang International Circuit, Malaysia, April 28 to May 2.

The other team, called Chem-E-Car, attended the 8th Indonesia Chem-E-Car Competition (ICECC) held by the November 10th Institute of Technology on March 21-24 and the 14th Malaysia Chem-E-Car Competition (MCECC), March 29-30.

“We hope that you can go there in optimistic mind and can be the best there,” said UGM rector Prof. Ir. Panut Mulyono, M.Eng., D.Eng., on March 19.

The Semar team will bring two designed cars to Sepang: Semar Urban 3.1 and Semar Proto 2.0 which will compete in two categories, the Urban ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) and the Prototype Electric.

Semar team leader Wildan Chairuzzein said his group consisted of 18 engineering students who had been conducting since last June a research to develop cars for the competition.

The cars were first tested in an energy-friendly car contest in November 2018. “After that we have evaluated them and improved their quality,” said Wildan.

The two cars weigh lesser than the team’s 2018 vehicles and have lower coefficient of drag too. Semar Urban is now equipped with a new engine with lower capacity – 110 cc compared to the last year’s figure of 125 cc. Semar Proto uses an electric motor with a capacity of 250 W, compared to the last year’s car’s 1 KW.

“We are very confident that we will win the Urban ICE category, the prototype electric category and Drivers’ World Championship in Asia Region,” said Wildan.

The Chem-E-Car team had prepared four cars for the competitions it joined: Reactics Akasha, Reactics Garuda, Reactics Rahwana and Reactics Sembrani.

Chem-E-Car team leader Rizky Alif said: “The team has always been challenged to explore which material to be used for the car.”

Rizky added that the team had a big chance to emerge as a winner.