August 26, 2018

The Science and Technology Demonstration Center (PP-IPTEK) and the Ministry for Research, Technology and Higher Education, held a water rocket competition on Saturday, August 25, 2018, joined by students aged 12 to 16 in the Greater Jakarta area, Serang and Cilegon. This event took place for 2 days and ended on August 26, 2018.

The water rocket competition is one of PP-IPTEK’s annual events. Syachrial Annas, the agency’s director, said the number of participants this year had increased to 439 this year from 350 recorded last year. This year’s participants come from 97 schools. This competition is expected to help students understand the importance of science for future needs, said Syachrial.

This water rocket competition is a chance for students interested in space technology to showcase their skills. The water rocket serves as a medium to explain scientific principles called the Newton’s Law. The water rocket is made from at least 2 plastic bottles assembled into one part of the water rocket body. It is equipped with fins made of thick infraboard or Styrofoam cut and shaped resembling a rocket ship. The design of the fins can vary depending on the participants’ creativity.

On the first day, participants created water rockets using some materials provided by PP-IPTEK, such as soda bottles, infraboard, adhesive tape, scissors, cutter, play dough and double tape. Each participant made 2 rockets that were going to be used in the competition. The rocket launchings were done 2 times, first on August 25, 2018 and the second one on the next day.

In this competition, participants had to take part in a series of activities from training, making the water rockets and launching them two times. Event coordinator Feti Anita said all participants had to take part in all of the stages. She also said participants are allowed to be as creative as they could in creating the fins for the rockets.

The rocket launchings were done at the southern parking lot in PP-IPTEK. As much as six launchers have been prepared by the institution to launch 439 pairs of rockets. The water rockets were then launched to a target with 10-meter diameter located some 50 meters from each launching point. The rockets must be filled with water and air pressure measured by their creators. Some variables like water volume, pressure, launching distance, angle and weight of the rockets are the components used to determine the falling point of each rocket. The score is determined by the distance between the falling point and the target.

Rockets with the closest distance to the target were those created by Fira Alzena from Al Muslim junior high school in Bekasi. The student won the Greater Jakarta, Serang and Cilegon regional water rocket competition. The student was followed by Annas Tasyadari from SMPN 73 state junior high school, Rafi Akbar from SMAN 46 state senior high school, Laurencia Yulianto from Pax Patriae senior high school in Bekasi, Maximus Uzia from Tugas Agung senior high school in Tangerang and M. Hilmi from SMAN 59 state senior high school.

The winners will be competing at the National Water Rocket Competition scheduled for September 28 to October 1, 2018. The event is expected to be joined by regional winners from across Indonesia. The national winner will have a chance to represent Indonesia at the International Water Rocket Competition held by the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency, or JAXA, in Singapore in November 2018.

Congratulations to the winners of the Regional water rocket competition in Greater Jakarta, Serang and Cilegon. See you again at the 2018 National Water Rocket Competition! (PP-IPTEK, PR)