Surakarta – To show concern for the residents of Riau and Palangkaraya who where exposed to the smoke from the forest fires, the lecturer from Sebelas Maret University (UNS) created a breathing apparatus. The breathing apparatus was named Surgeons of UNS (SUNS) Portable Air Filter.

The Dean of UNS Medical Faculty, Dr. Reviono stated that UNS Medical Faculty will be sending two teams to two locations, which are Riau and Palangkaraya, and will be lead by one of the lecturers of UNS Medical Faculty and a doctor from Regional Public Hospital (RSUD) Dr. Moewardi Surakarta, dr. Darmawan Ismail Sp.BTKV. The residents of both Riau and Palangkaraya who were exposed to the smoke from the forest fire only use regular masks all this time. Apparently the masks distribution was not optimal in helping the residents.

“That is why we created the breathing apparatus with better function compared to the regular masks used by the citizens exposed by the smoke from the forest fires. On Thursday (19/9/2019), around 15 people from UNS Medical Faculty will be leaving for Riau. After that, Palangkaraya,” said Reviono while holding a Press Conference in UNS Medical Faculty on Wednesday (18/9/2019).

Meanwhile, dr. Darmawan Ismail Sp.BTKV stated that the SUNS Portable Air Filter has been created since 2015 and has been tested. “We have done the trials and the result is better compared to the regular masks. It means that the air inhaled using our breathing apparatus is cleaner,” said Darmawan.

While in Riau, UNS team will be cooperating with the team from Medical Faculty of Riau University. The UNS team will be carrying some SUNS Portable Air Filter. “Our team will be giving some trainings there (Riau and Palangkaraya) so the residents could make the same breathing apparatus. It is quite easy to make and the materials used are easy to get. And of course the cost of production is very cheap, which is around IDR 25.000 for each unit,” Darmawan added.

The materials used are cross stitch fabric, cheesecloth, velcro tape, webbing, elastic rope, aquarium filter, thick mica, aquarium hose, plastic-ball toy, sponge, and handscoon. While the tools used are plaster, marker, scissor, cutter, ruler, glue gun, and stapler.

As for the work mechanism, the air will enter the humidifier box through the front filter which will be moisturized with water, aromatherapy, and detergent as carbon-binding filter. Then the clean air will be inhaled through the hose and pass through the bottom valve of the mask. The dirty air will then be exhaled through the top valve of the mask and out of the SUNS system (will not be mixed).

“We designed it like a bag, some looks like a backpack and some like a sling-bag, with a hose connects it to the nose. Some are designed with two hoses for users carrying their children like a mom and her kid at her arms. It will be practical to be carried anywhere. It will also be good for firemen because it comes in backpack forms,” said Darmawan.

With this breathing apparatus, it is expected to be beneficial for the residents in Riau and Palangkaraya who where exposed to the smoke from the forest fires.

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