The accomplishment of Surabaya Institute of Technology’s (ITS) team called “Sapuangin” to become world champion at the 2018 Shell Eco-marathon Drivers’ World Championship has given its member valuable experiences. One of them was the chance for them to visit and learn at Ferrari’s headquarters in Italy end 2018.

The visit was a gift for the Sapuangin team from Shell for its win at the aforementioned world-class competition for energy-friendly cars. Team member Mochammad Hafis Habibi said he was very enthusiastic in visiting Ferrari’s site. “We learned many meaningful lessons,” he said.

Habibi said the team had obtained many new knowledge on automotive while being there. They were trained by technicians of Scuderia Ferrari team which is very experienced in competing at the Formula 1 race. They discussed many things like car’s chassis, transmission and aerodynamics.

“We also had a chance to test the Fiorano circuit adjacent to the F1 team’s headquarters,” said Habibi, who is also Sapuangin manager.

Habibi, a mechanical engineering student, said his team had also toured the Maranello town in Italy in a Ferrari GTC4Lusso car. Driven by Ferrari test driver Marc Gene, team members travelled through the town to the Ferrari museum. There, they saw many Ferrari sport cars. “We also were able to try a F1 simulator device and a pitstop simulation device there,” said Habibi.

Another unforgettable experience was to know local culture and environment in Italy. Habibi said he felt the coldness of Maranello, which was experiencing 4 degree celcius due to the winter. “We also saw great panorama of local buildings which still retain classic architecture,” said the student from Tulungagung.

They were also asked about their strategy for winning the 2018 competition and the research done by them to develop an energy-friendly car.

As a symbol to appreciate Sapuangin’s visit, Ferrari gave team members caps signed by the F1 giant’s then driver Kimi Raikkonen and Sebastian Vettel when they competed at the Abu Dhabi grand prix. Habibi said he hoped that the visit to Maranello could help strengthen ITS’ commitment to winning future international competitions.