JAKARTA – Students from the 10th November Institute of Technology (ITS) in Surabaya have again brought home achievements at the regional level. Presenting a concept of solar-powered fish cooler box, a team comprising students from the university won the 2019 Design Competition for Industrial System and Environment (Descomfirst 2019) held May 4 to 5, 2019.

The students in the team were Reza Aulia Akbar, Edrian Hamijaya and Dito Abrar from ITS’ industrial engineering department. They successfully emerged victorious ahead of other 15 teams from multiple universities in Southeast Asia. Calling themselves the “Red Team”, the group of three projected their work to be used by fishermen.

Team leader Reza said they were inspired by Indonesia’s enormous maritime potential. With its long coast lines and large number of fishermen, Southeast Asia’s largest economy could benefit from the industry of fishing. But the use of conventional fishing storage – which has many limitations and disadvantages – is still widespread in the country. Fishermen keep using ice cubes as cooling source even though this method would only increase their spending, making it not economical.

“Apart from that, ice cubes might also reduce the quality of captured fish, lessening its freshness,” said Reza.

Then Reza and co. decided to create what they call Eco Storage Portable (ES-SPORT). Relying on thermoelectric-based solar cells, the device may become an answer to the storing problem.

“Solar is one of many energy sources with sizeable potential. This is exactly an excellent option for an environment-friendly source,” said the 1997-born student.

Furthermore, ES-PORT makes use of high density polyethylene waste – which is notorious for being difficult to manage, creating an added value for the invention. The team has taken several steps to ensure the waste is safe for the device’s manufacture.

Reza also explained a number of reasons why his team won the championship.

The team was considered to have three advantages among other competitors: a data-rich proposal, structured and fascinating presentation, as well as the fact that the invention has undergone a trial in Kenjeran beach in Surabaya. During the trial, the team teamed up with a group of fishermen to determine how the device is used in real life.

The invention also gave the team the favorite winner title, which was determined from an Instagram voting and a public presentation at Transmart, Surakarta, May 5, 2019.