MALANG – An animal husbandry graduate student from Brawijaya University in Malang, East Java, recently received an award from prominent animal nutrition company Novus International, Inc, from the United States.
He is Danung Nur Adli Suharto, who is now completing his joint-degree study at the National Pingtung University of Science and Technology (NPUST) in Taiwan.
At an event titled Novus Graduate Scholar on Friday, May 24, 2019, Danung was awarded the Proud Candidate Prize of Novus International Graduate Scholarship. The prize honors accomplishments in the research fields of metabolism level, immunity and biochemistry in poultry feed science.
Under the guidance of Dr Osfar Sjofjan (Brawijaya University), Chi Yu Ph.D. and Prof Joey Lee, Ph.D. from NPUST, he presented at the event his research project titled “Effect of Dietary Supplementation Mannan-Riched Fraction (MRF) and Probiotic-Enhanced Liquid Acidifier on the Broilers”.
The study discusses the effects from antibiotic ban on poultry feed, while also researches the use of polysaccharides (MRF) obtained from the wall of yeast cells as a natural alternative to antibiotics and its implication towards broilers.
Danung said that, since the antibiotic prohibition was enacted in Denmark, there had been many scientists seeking effective alternatives to antibiotics, including in Indonesia where the ban has been regulated by its agricultural ministry.
The research project, funded by Kentucky-based biotechnology company Alltech Inc., will be then continued as Danung’s graduate thesis. He said he hoped that the results could be implemented by growers in Indonesia.
“As of now, there is no separation between male and female in the poultry research, which has created biased results. I am now trying to separate them so the benchmark used will lead to optimal outcomes,” said Danung.