August 25, 2018

The 31st National Student Scientific Week (PIMNAS) in UNY, which gathered 440 teams from 136 higher education institutions across Indonesia, has created the need for extra staffers to coordinate and distribute information. Muhammad Izzudin Mahali, PIMNAS’ information technology coordinator, has said that the committee had to inspect and yell at the location to ensure the distribution of information to participants.

Therefore, Izzudin and his team eventually created the PIMNAS 31 application. Launched in July 2018, the application, which provides PIMNAS-related information, can be downloaded via Google Playstore.

“Thus, the goal is to help the participants in PIMNAS and give the access to the society for PIMNAS information,” said Izzudin, who created the application with his team called INFINITE UNY.

The application has various features, like a news column that tells about PIMNAS. It also has articles that tell activities and unique works of the researchers in PIMNAS, which can be read in a column that is being developed.

In addition, there is also a feature of PKM Classes. In this feature, there is a list of the classes where the PKM participants compete, room instructions, basecamp and the hotel of each participant. This feature will also be equipped with a map and directions.

In addition, PKM Classes will also provide live updates of groups that have presented, are going to present and are presenting their works. All of the data are equipped with the location of the room where the activities are being held.

“So when the society or PIMNAS enthusiasts would like to see the works of PIMNAS participants, they can directly come to the room based on the presentation schedule,” said Izzudin.

In order to spread the updates of PIMNAS, the application has a detailed announcement feature that is equipped with Push Notification mode. This mode enables mobile phones to receive any important or urgent notifications, including reminders of student or group presentations schedule.

“Thus, if there is a change of schedule or room, there will be no chance for students to get lost or not know the location. There are reminders [in the app],” said Izzudin.

Some complementary features, like a map detailing locations of PIMNAS activities, contact numbers of important people and the committee members, schedules of the event, as well as the SSID for internet access, are also available in the application. Especially for location map of the event, the application provides symbols of mosques that hold Friday prayers, said Izzudin.

Therefore, participants can know which mosques that hold Friday Prayers.

“With all of these features, we hope that the event and also the university will have their own application to show that digitalization exists in all activities. As education institutions, we cannot only act as users. But we have to be able to create and also develop [the technology] together,” said Izzudin.