The November 10th Institute of Technology (ITS) in Surabaya has again won an international accolade that made Indonesia proud. ITS has become the first ever Indonesian higher education institution to obtain the prestigious Outstanding Student Chapter Award from the International American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE).

ITS has beaten around 310 universities from all over the world including Indonesia, joining a group of 25 under the International AIChE.

AIChE ITS Student Chapter president for 2017/2018 period, Ichsan Dwi Nugraha ST, said he and his team was very proud and glad to win the award. AIChE ITS SC was surprised to know that it could top the competition in its maiden leadership period. “We only tried to actively contribute to ITS’ chemical engineering’s stand at international level,” said Ichsan, who just recently graduated.

The award was given to universities that have given active contribution to AIChE’s student activities. The organization also helps the development of chemical engineering profession in countries of its members. The award has been scheduled to be given at the 2018 AIChE Annual Student Conference in Pittsburgh, US, on October 28.

Ichsan said AIChE ITS won because of various social and professional development activities it was taking at university, national and international levels. “We carry out those activities to help ITS’s chemical engineering department to compete at global level,” said Ichsan.

After winning the award, AIChE ITS hopes to contribute more to ITS and that more students would become attracted to join the group. Ichsan said chemical engineering knowledge could be applied in other fields of study. “This recent achievement shows that ITS could compete with other universities through the global level,” he said.

(Public Relation Division of ITS)