Jakarta, Friday, November 23nd 2018. HE Minister Mohamad Nasir and Secretary General Ainun Na’im just returned from Surabaya that morning, but people could see their enthusiasim in receiving their best friend, HE Mr. Moazzam Malik, the Ambassador of the United Kingdom (UK) to Indonesia.

In the last four years, since 2014 up to now (November 2018), the bilateral relation between Indonesia and UK have been growing so fast.

Beginning with the signing of the agreements and MOU between Ristekdikti Ministry, universities, RD Agencies with their partners in UK, several programs of HESTI have been executed after that.

Joint RD programs have been executed under the Newton programs, scholarship programs have been provided by both Indonesian and British Governments, many joint seminars, workshops, focus group discussuons, exhibitions have been conducted in the last four years. Not only that, the year of 2018 also marked the bilateral relation of Indonesia and UK in HESTI, as HE Minister Nasir was invited as the speaker from Asian continent to deliver his awesome presentation in the prestige of the World Education Forum, held in London, UK, January 2018. This was then followed up by the 1st Joint Working Group of Indonesia UK on STHE in d first semester of 2018.

Last Friday, again HE Ambassador Moazzam Malik who were accompanied by Ibu Theresa and Millie British Embassy as well as Bapak Paul from the British Council, reported on the preparation of the 2nd Joint Working Group on STHE that will be conducted on 27 November 2018.

Identified topis that will be discussed are exchanging information on policies in research development, academic, research and innovation collaborations.

The upcoming meeting would be used for evaluating the current existing programs and for identifying new topic of collaboration that may be developed in the future. The sub topics may include the dual/joint degrees/blended learning/online curricula, student mobility/lecture mobility, execution and evaluation of the Newton Programme, Science Techno Parks and other joiny innovative programs that may be raised during the upcoming 2nd JWG meeting.

At the end of the meeting, both HE Minister Mohamad Nasir and HE Ambassador Moazzam Malik believe that the upcoming JWG deliverables would strengthening and deepening the existing collaboration between two Countries so the young Indonesia and British millenials could grow together, establish the long life relations, taking care and helping each other in building two Nations for facing the global challenges, including taking important parts in the 4.0 Industrial Revolution and the Society 5.0.

Bureau of Cooperation and Public Communication
The Ministry of Research Technology and Higher Education (MoRTHE),
the Republic of Indonesia