JAKARTA – The 3rd joint working group between Indonesia and the United Kingdom took place on May 9, 2019, tackling the issues of higher education, research, technology and innovation.

The meeting discussed the progress and future plans in the RI-UK partnership which has been ongoing since 2015.

The event was led by UK ambassador to Indonesia HE Moazzam Malik and Patdono Suwignjo, a director general with the ministry of research, technology and higher education.

At the meeting the two countries praised the whole outcomes of the partnership in seven

(I)                  Higher education and vocational education and training (HE TVET)

(II)                Student and lecturer mobility

(III)              Updated branch campuses (establishment of foreign campuses in Indonesia

(IV)              Newton fund programmes

(V)                Industry academia partnership programme and leaders in innovation fellowship

(VI)              English language training

(VII)            Renewal of MoU on research and innovation partnership

Delegations from the two countries heavily involved in the strategic discussions, reasserting commitment to following up the partnership programs between them.

Patdono said he appreciated the progress of the cooperation between Indonesia and the UK. To ensure the programs would be optimally implemented, he suggested that research ministry’s cooperation and public communication bureau work together with the secretary general to coordinate the details from fresh proposals in the partnership.

Malik, the UK ambassador, drew some conclusions from the meeting:

(I)                  The two countries appreciate all efforts that had been done since 2015

(II)                The UK would seek to start discussing about another partnership in cyber university in Indonesia

(III)              The THE and TVET programs have been running excellently and would possibly be developed in the future

(IV)              On student mobility program, there have been many Indonesian students in the UK. The latter’s government hopes to send its students to Indonesia

(V)                The UK administration also appreciates the implementation and accomplishments of the Newton Fund program in Indonesia, believing it would continue in the future

(VI)              The UK government praises the positive outcomes from the programs called “Industry Academia Partnership Programme” and “Leadership in Innovation Fellowship”.

(VII)            The two countries acknowledge that the “MoU on Research and Innovation Partnership” would end in July 2019 and agree to put the best effort to accomplish it before the end of June 2019

In general, the meeting ran smoothly with the two parties stating their commitment to continuing the partnership optimally and agreeing the next meeting would be held in November 2019.