The 23rd commemoration of National Technology Awakening Day (Hakteknas) was full of festivity. Indonesia’s third president Bacharuddin Jusuf Habibie, also known as the father of Indonesian technology, attended the event as a honored guest.

The pinnacle of the event, held on August 10 at the Riau Province Governor Complex in Pekanbaru, was also joined by high-ranking officials from various state agencies, foreign dignitaries, Riau governor Arsyadjuliandi Rachman, Yogyakarta special region governor Sultan Hamengkubuwono X, directors of state-run companies, senior scientists, rectors of various universities and winners of various scientific awards.

The Hakteknas commemoration carried the theme “Innovation for food and energy sovereignty” and the sub-theme “Food and Energy sector in the 4.0 industrial revolution era.” The 2018 Hakteknas event was very special, considering that it was the first time the national comemmoration was held on the island of Sumatra. Riau was chosen as host because of its status as one of the country’s leading energy producer regions and the island’s major source of food.

Minister for Research, Technology and Higher Education Mohamad Nasir said in his speech that “our preparedness for the 4.0 industrial era highly depends on how our human resources understand and use science, technology and innovation.”

“Innovation is the key for us to transform our economic structure to a high technology-based industry and then to achieve creative innovation,” said Nasir.

Nasir said developed countries had managed to build their innovation ecosystem through futuristic planning, modifying strategies and focused research and development. “Thus, the presence of Perpres [Presidential Regulation] No. 38/2018 on National Research Master Plan, or RIRN, is very strategic because RIRN was planned in a holistic manner, by cross institutions and based on research focuses,” he said.

RIRN is a mid-term and long-term guideline and road map for research, innovation, science and technology. It integrates research programs in every ministry and every institution, as well as local administrations and scientist communities.

Nasir admitted the use of science, technology and innovation in industry and economy had not been optimal. Nasir said the government was pushing for a synergy between scientific agencies and the industry so that science and innovation could contribute better. “Another thing that needs to be improved is the capacity of our human resources. It is the key for successful education, research, as well as development of science and innovation,” he said.

Nasir also admitted Indonesia’s research budget had not really impacted to the progression of the state. Of the Rp 24.9 trillion in the budget, only Rp 10.9 billion that is used for research and development. “More than a half, Rp 14 trillion, has so far been unable to create maximum research output. That is why the president has stressed that the research budget must be used wisely,” said Nasir.

Riau governor Arsyadjuliandi Rachman said in his speech that innovation implementation in his province had improved prosperity in there. He referred to Riau’s human development index (IPM) in 2017, which was ranked 6th. The figure of poor citizens in Riau also decreased from 8.82 percent in 2016 to 7.41 percent in 2017.

The governor said he hoped the 2018 Hakteknas commemoration could be a momentum for the awakening of science and technology as the nation’s development pillar, so that Indonesia could compete at the global front.

Director general for innovation Jumain Appe, also the event’s committee chairman, said in his speech that the 2018 event would be very festive as it would be joined by 2,000 scientific and innovation communities throughout the nation.

The event also held various activities such as:
1) Launching
2) National innovation product competition with three categories: industry, start-up and society
3) Innovation Service, which consisted of training and the giving of innovation products to farmers, fishermen and business players
4) National Science and Innovation Award (8 categories)
5) International and national scientific events, 84 in total
6) side events (fun walk, competitions of paper, photo, vlog and exhibitions)
7) welcome dinner
8) The summit ceremony of Hakteknas
9) Appreciation night
10) Ritech Expo (exhibition of technological innovation products)

Jumain said: “Ritech Expo also showcases the newest technological innovation products from higher education institutions, research and development institutions, as well as the industry, especially in the food and energy sector. The exhibition uses an ‘eye-catching’ exhibition.”

Ritech Expo was joined by some 120 institutions, like universities, local research and development agencies, ministries, state-run enterprises, communities, business meetings and a series of competitions.

At the same occasion, Minister Nasir also presented citizens and best students with innovation products. He also presented the 2018 Science and Innovation Award for eight categories:
1. Budhipura Award for the best Indonesian province in improving innovation system, given to the provincial administration of Yogyakarta special region.
2. Budhipraja Award for the best Indonesian regency/municipality in improving innovation system, given to the municipal administration of Magelang.
3. Widyapadhi Award for the best higher education institution in strengthening innovation environment, given to the Bogor Institute of Agriculture (IPB).
4. Prayoga Sala Award for the best government agency in strengthening innovation environment, given to LAPAN’s Center For Atmospheric Science and Technology.
5. Abyudaya Award for the best industrial unit in strengthening innovation environment, given to train maker PT Industri Kereta Api (PT INKA).
6. Adibrata Award for distinguished academia in innovation production, given to Prof. Dr. Ir. Subagjo from ITB.
7. Labdha Kretya Award for distinguished citizen in innovation production, given to D. Rubiyanto Hadi Pramono.
8. Widya Kridha Award for non-governmental institution and civil society that support the strengthening of innovation system, given to Cikarang Techno Park.