BANTEN – A flat plate type vessel assembled by an Indonesian company started its journey on July 14 to Tual in Maluku from a northern coast of Java.

The departure was celebrated with a ceremony which was also joined by research, technology and higher education minister Mohamad Nasir.

It has been projected that the ship, produced by PT Juragan Kapal Nusantara, will be marketed as a fish vessel named Cucut Nusantara, loosely translated to English as The Milk Ship Of The Archipelago.

“The vessel will approximately sail for 12 days to the state polytechnic for fisheries in Tual,” said Nasir after the event in Tanjung Pasir coast, Tangerang, Banten.

The ministry has been financially supporting the development of Cucut Nusantara since 2015. Now, the company’s income reaches Rp 6.5 billion.

The vessel was developed by Adi Lingson, CEO of Juragan Kapal, when he was a shipbuilding engineering student at University of Indonesia, along with his professor Hadi Tresno Wibowo.

Nasir said he hoped that the flat plate type vessel could be certified in September so that it could enter mass production in 2020.

The 15.5-meter-long and 4-meter-wide vessel has a capacity of 28 GT. Its fuel capacity could reach 16.4 tons and its water tank could reach 7.5 tons. It can convey up to 13 people and is equipped with a bathroom and a kitchen.

The vessel is also equipped with compass, GPS, echo sounder, VHF radio and SSB radio. It has a life time of 20 years and recyclable.