Press Release
No. 287/SP/HM/BKKP/XII/2019

Jakarta – Minister for Research and Technology/Chairman of National Agency for Research and Innovation Bambang Brodjonegoro officially launched the National Center for Stem Cells and Metabolites Production. The institution was established with the partnership between Medical School of University of Indonesia – dr. Cipto Mangunkusumo National Central General Hospital (FKUI–RSCM), and PT Kimia Farma, and will be giving stem cell treatments for various degenerative diseases with more affordable price for patients compared with similar treatments abroad.

“I saw the types of diseases that will be treated, ranging from bone injuries, internal injuries, diabetes, strokes and all kinds. In the past, Indonesians, especially with privileges, went abroad to get stem cell treatments, whether to Germany, Singapore, or Malaysia. It is time we ensure Indonesian that our doctors and hospitals are able to give similar treatment for stem cells with similar quality or better, with more affordable price. Even though the price for the technology is rather expensive, but the price for the treatments will be affordable for the people,” said Minister Bambang while launching the facility in the Academic Senate, Faculty of Medicine, University of Indonesia, on the Salemba campus, Jakarta, on Tuesday (17/12).

Minister Bambang gave a speech after the Head of Integrated Services Unit for Stem Cell Medical Technology Development of FKUI–RSCM Professor Ismail Hadisoebroto Dilogo stated the research achievements related to stem cells in FKUI–RSCM after being funded incentively by the Ministry of Research and Technology since 2009 whereas on the first year of the funding the Ministry of Research and Technology along with the Ministry of Health and University of Indonesia allocated IDR 4.6 billion for stem cell development. Since 2009, the funding continues to be provided until 2020.

Minister Bambang stated that the stem cell treatments that are ready to be applied to RSCM patients give a new hope for the patients with degenerative diseases which has been able to cured before.

“The most important thing is there is hope for the hopeless patients. The innovation of stem cell by Professor Ismail’s team gave hope and will be very helpful for public health, and that is why we give grants in many fields,” hope Minister Bambang.

With the launch of the National Center for Stem Cells and Metabolites Production, FKUI–RSCM has been assigned to be the research coordinator for the universities developing stem cells.

“I am deeply grateful for FKUI to accept the hat to be national coordinator for stem cell, because I believe Medical School in many universities are developing stem cell, with the initial innovation is stem cell for anti-aging, not as advanced as here,” said Minister Bambang.

Also attending the launching event is the Acting Deputy for Innovation Development Jumain Appe; Director General for Science, Technology, and Higher Education Resources Ali Ghufron Mukti; Director for Referral Healthcare, Ministry of Health Hesty Widyastoeti; Deputy of Drug, Narcotics, Psychotropic, Precursor and Addictive Substances Control, National Agency of Drug and Food Control (BPOM), Rita Endang; Rector of the University of Indonesia Ari Kuncoro; the Dean of Medical School, University of Indonesia Ari Fahrial Syam; President Director of dr. Cipto Mangunkusumo National Central General Hospital (RSCM) Lies Dina Liastuti; and the Director for Business Development of PT Kimia Farma Imam Fathorrahman, along with the FKUI’s echelons, Professors, researchers, and doctors participating in stem cell development in Indonesia.

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