Representing the Government of Indonesia, HE Minister Mohamad Nasir, acted as the Chief of the Guests of Honor, in the ceremony of St. Patrick ’s Day, celebrated by the Embassy of Ireland, in Mandarin Hotel, Thursday, March 16th, 2017.

HE Minister Mohamad Nasir, first conveyed appreciations to HE Ambassador Kyle O’Sullivan and Mrs O’Sullivan, HE Minister David Stanton, on behalf of the Embassy of Ireland, for hosting the event.


HE Minister Nasir also greeted HE Hidayat Nur Wahid, Vice Chairman of MPR, other HE Ambassadors of the Friends of Indonesia, as well as all fabulous guests who attended the ceremony last night.

HE Minister Nasir then extended his warmest felicitations to the delightful occasion of the National Day of Ireland, the fest day of the Irish patron Saint, the Saint Patrick’s Day.
In his remarks, HE Minister Nasir appreciated the excellent bilateral relation between Indonesia and Ireland, which have been maintained since 33 years ago.

Within this period, both Countries have achieved many progress of bilateral cooperation, especially in the fields of economics, cultural exchanges, people to people and in the International fora.

The opening of the Irish Embassy in Jakarta in 2014, has set a new momentum, signing the advancement of bilateral relation between both Countries.

Indonesia’s economic growth in 2016 which was 4.93%, was still being the third highest growth in G-20, after China and India.

Likewise, it is evident that Ireland also has significant progress in its economic development. Irish economy grew as the fastest rate in the European Union last year, again.

This remarkable achievement is to be reflected in the economic relations between our two countries.


There are many untapped potentials that should be explored together, to encourage more the collaboration between Indonesia and Ireland. HE Minister Nasir also stated that the joyful occasion of St Patricks’day, could be used as an opportunity, to reaffirm and celebrate a strong friendship and people-people contacts between Indonesia and Ireland.

HE Minister Nasir further wished that the momentum of growth, between two countries, could also be accompanied by increased interactions, between our two peoples; to achieve a stronger base for closer bilateral economic ties.

In this regards, Indonesia invites Irish nationals to fully utilize the visa-free facility for visiting Indonesia. We wish to see more Irish tourists that would spend their time to enjoy the beautiful of Indonesia, our archipelago, the richness of Indonesian biodiversity, art and culture, as well as to love Indonesian hospitalities and friendship, which the people of Indonesia are famous for.

As the conclusion, HE Minister Nasir emphasized again the wish of Indonesia to reaffirm and celebrate a strong bilateral cooperation between Indonesia and Ireland, among others to cope with global challenges.


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and The Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education, The Republic of Indonesia