June 23, 2018

DENPASAR – Mohamad Nasir, the Minister for Research, Technology and Higher Education, accompanied President of Republic of Indonesia, Joko Widodo, when the latter gave a public lecture at the Indonesian Art Institute (ISI) in Denpasar on Saturday, June 23.

The public lecture was attended by leaders of higher education institutions across Bali, art-based higher education institution leaders across Indonesia and art-based vocational high schools across Bali, using the theme “Developing The Art Of The Archipelago To Ensure Unity and Diversity Of Indonesia.”

Jokowi stressed in his public lecture that the role of art and culture was very important for the country, given that Indonesia was a country blessed with very diverse art and culture.


“During the past three years, we focused on constructing infrastructure projets. But that does not mean that we would only pay attention to the physical development. We, in our development agenda, are also putting focus on developing the cultural infrastucture for the civilization in the future, building cultural connectivity [and] building a good mentality and cultural character. The infrastructure development must be followed by human resource building process,” he said.

Jokowi said that the 4.0 industrial revoution had given birth to new technological advancement like 3D printing for house construction, autonomous vehicle, floor-cleaning robots and tour-guiding robots — things that had shown that the world had changed.

“The important point is in the word ‘quickness’. Now a country that is quick in developing its science and technology would likely to surpass a country that is slow in so doing. A country that adapts quickly would develop faster. That is why I ask art institutions across Indonesia, like the ISI Denpasar, to instill the fighting spirit to face the changes in our world, for our wealth is not only natural resources but also in the form of art and culture. Our DNA is art and culture,” he said.

At the end of the public lecture, President Jokowi said that local wisdom-based entrepreneursip had to be improved and had to produce artistic works that could help unify the Indonesian nation.


Meanwhile, Mohamad Nasir said that the government would elevate further art institutions in Indonesia by empowering technology to support artistic creativity, preserving the culture and producing innovative things with economical value.

“The ministry has given chance by opening new art and culture study programs that follow the contemporary trend. We would not hesitate to issue the permit for study programs like fashion to preserve art and culture, as well as digital art,” Nasir said.