NO: 026/SP/HM/BKPUK/III/2022


The National Research and Innovation Agency (BRIN) together with the Regional Research and Innovation Agency (BRIDA) participated in enlivening the MotoGP Pertamina Grand Prix of Indonesia by holding the NTB INOVTEK EXPO 2022 which will take place from 18-20 March 2022. Presentation of BRIN’s research products at NTB INOVTEK EXPO 2022 is expected to bring the community closer to research and innovation activities.


Mataram, 17 March 2022. The MotoGP Pertamina Grand Prix of Indonesia held at the Mandalika Circuit is an event of pride for all Indonesian people. The National Research and Innovation Agency (BRIN) in collaboration with the Regional Research and Innovation Agency (BRIDA) of West Nusa Tenggara (NTB) enlivened the event by holding an innovation exhibition entitled NTB INOVTEK EXPO 2022, starting 18 through 20 March 2022.

This innovation exhibition is expected to boost use of research and innovation in Indonesia. This event also serves as the means for introducing, displaying and promoting various research and innovation results that have been achieved by BRIN, both to the general public, as well as investors, companies, distributors, and local governments.

Acting Director of Research and Innovation Utilization at Ministries/Institutions, Society, and Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises, Hardi Julendra said that this innovation exhibition is an event that supports the MotoGP Pertamina Grand Prix of Indonesia. “This is a strategic event to expand access to innovative products, technology, and regional superior products and at the same time strengthen the image of products produced by Indonesian Small and Medium Industries (SMIS) / Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in the eyes of the world, as well as support the National Movement of Proud of Indonesian Products (Germas BBI),” said Julendra.

In this event, BRIN collaborates with the NTB Provincial Government through BRIDA to present the results of the latest superior research and innovations that are able to answer the latest issues in society. This includes several focus areas of research and innovation such as Health and Medicine, New and Renewable Energy, Transportation, Food and several other fields.

Julendra added, apart from being an effort to introduce, encourage and optimize use of research and innovation results to the wider community, BRIN’s participation in the NTB INOVTEK EXPO 2022 is expected to attract business players to the results of research and innovations that have been produced. “To achieve optimal goals and objectives at the NTB INOVTEK EXPO 2022, BRIN presents two important activities, namely exhibitions and Utilization of Research and Innovation (PRI) Corner in the form of Business Matching,” he added.

Julendra explained further that the participation of BRIN and BRIDA in the NTB INOVTEK EXPO 2022 also aims to develop and strengthen the research and innovation ecosystem (including expanding networks among research and innovation actors, collaboration between users and technology providers), both nationally and globally.

With the theme “Freedom of Innovation to Build for the Country”, Julendra hopes that the presence of research and innovation will be a solution in solving contemporary problems in society. “This event is also expected as an effort to increase productivity, as well as cost and time efficiency in the business sector through use of technology, which in aggregate is expected to increase the competitiveness of the national economy,” he hoped.

This exhibition will display various kinds of inventions and technologies as well as products from BRIN’s latest leading innovation research, which are adapted to current issues. The interesting thing about this expo is that BRIN research and innovation products presented are licensed and have been collaborated with industries which are divided into three sectors, namely transportation, health and medicine, and SME and food.

Head of NTB BRIDA, Wirawan supports the innovation exhibition activities held in his area. This exhibition event can be used as the means to bring research and innovation closer to the community, especially in the NTB area.

His office, said Wirawan, has ensured that the implementation of NTB INOVTEK EXPO 2022 runs smoothly. “The preparation of NTB INOVTEK EXPO 2022 in the NTB BRIDA area, which is one of clusters supporting MotoGP 2022, has been in the final coordination stage to ensure that the exhibition locations, seminars, as well as public entertainment and bazaars, and events can run smoothly,” said Wirawan.

Considering that this activity is organized in the pandemic period, Wirawan advised all parties, both the committee and visitors, to continue to comply with the health protocols during the activity.