SUMENEP – The government has put a focus on improving the quality of university graduates across the country and the quality of universities themselves so that they could respond to challenges during the 4.0 Industrial Revolution era. These were things said by minister for research, technology and higher education Mohamad Nasir when inaugurating the KH Bahaudin Mudhary School Of Economics (STIEBA) in Sumenep, Madura, December 10.

University graduates can no longer merely rely on their diploma to compete for jobs given the increasing importance of industry-based certificates of competences, said Nasir.

“Apart from receiving diploma, graduates must have a certificate of competence based on their respective skills,” said Nasir.

A more innovative learning system is needed to help students face the challenges of the 4.0 Industrual Revolution era. Students, for instance, must possess skills in information technology (IT), operational technology (OT), internet of things (IoT) and Big Data Analystic.

Nasir said he hoped that STIEBA Madura could develop into a high quality private education institution sought after by locals in the region. There is no longer present a dichotomy between private- and state-owned universities in Indonesia as the most important thing is the quality.

Achsanul Qosasi, chairman of Kudsiyah Bahaudin Mudhary Foundation, said STIEBA wanted to move education in Madura and Indonesia in general forward. The school is undergoing a process to upgrade its status into a university and add new study programs, which are informatics science, visual communication design and maritime industry.

“I want Madura to be competitive, with education as the foundation,” said Qosasi.

Also present at the event were tourism minister Arief Yahya, higher education ministry’s secretary-general Ainun Na’im, ministry’s director general for education organisational system Patdono Suwignjp, LLDIKTI Region VII head Soeprapto, national library head Muhammad Syarif Bando, Sumenep regent KH. A. Busyro Karim and other invited guests.