Minister for research, technology and higher education Mohamad Nasir said art could help individuals develop their aesthetic awareness, expose them to a culture and enable them to appreciate pluralism and social harmony. There is ample evidence to show that artistic events are a crucial component in human’s learning processes.

Nasir said that when attending the opening of “Human And Humanity” art exhibition at the Oei Hong Djien (OHD) museum in Magelang, January 26. Works that were exhibited included paintings from painters like Affandi, S. Sudjojono, Hendra Gunawan, Soedibio, Widayat, Dadang Christanto and F. Sigit Santosa.

“The core message of this event,” Nasir said, “is the presence of philosophical and educational messages that are important to humans’ life.”

Museum owner Oei Hong Djien said the exhibition would run until April 19 and served as a reminder of the role of artists in celebrating “human and humanity” for a happier and more civilized life on Earth.

The exhibition was initiated by cleric KH Mustofa Bisri (Gus Mus) and dr. Oei Hong Djien. The opening was attended also by fisheries and maritime affairs minister Susi Pudjiastuti, Central Java governor Ganjar Pranowo and other invited guests.