Surabaya – The change in mindset is an important part in science. People who have already possessed a lot of knowledge usually tend to refuse to accept changes and to develop themselves as well. Science development cannot stop at a certain point and therefore must be continued, including scientific area of stem cell.

Minister for Research, Technology and Higher Education Mohamad Nasir said those things when he paid a visit to and inaugurated a steam cell teaching industry facility and metabolit stem cell product at Tropical Disease Building in the Airlangga University (Unair) compound on Wednesday, July 11.


“With this teaching industry facility, the industry could be involved together in the research for scaling up from TRL 6 to 7 and 8. So scientists and the industry can work together and support one and another. A tenant is needed for users to connect themselves with the scientists,” Nasir said.

Nasir said the problem of conflicting regulations was still hampering the development of science particularly pharmaeutical area, which includes stem cell. But he claimed he had proposed to the President about a regulation in lieu of law, or Perppu, to address the problem.

“I am proposing the idea [to the president]. Hopefully our research and innovation could flourish further when the proposal is accepted,” said Nasir.


The metabolit stem cell product from Unair contains small molecule that can enter membrane cells and to reach inner part of the cells quickly. It is a molecule with growth factor which stimulates endogenous stem cell to proliferate and differentiate. It has an effective and efficient anti-aging formula to prevent aging in cells through stopping inflammation, creating responses of immune and anti-apoptosis.

Nasir said he believed the Unair product could help improving health of Indonesians and be bought by citizens.

“This product was studied based on the condition of body of Indonesians. There are lots of imported products, but not all of them effective for Indonesians. Using this metabolit stem cell can make you appear to stau young,” Nasir said.

During the visit Nasir also inaugurated the university’s veterinary hospital.