The ministry of research, technology and higher education is responsible with improving the quality of Indonesia’s human resources, specifically in the three aspects under its oversight. Human resources development itself has been put as a primary focus of President Joko Widodo administration in 2019.

The ministry kicked off this year with a national working meeting held at Diponegoro University in Semarang January 3 to 4. It was themed “Research, Technology and Higher Education that are Open, Flexible and Excellent.”

Minister for research, technology and higher education Mohamad Nasir opened the occasion, which was joined by around 350 participants coming from multiple organisations.

Nasir said the meeting had provided a momentum for stakeholders to prepare for an era of disruption which could impact the world of research, technology and higher education.

Nasir said Indonesian would need to establish a healthy ecosystem to support research, technology and higher education developments that are in line with the need of the market. One of the plans Nasir proposed was the cutting of the amount of earning taxes paid by state universities with legal entity status (PTNBH) related to study programs.

Nasir expressed hopes that PTNBHs across Indonesia would not need to be burdened by convoluted tax obligations. PTNBHs are expected to spend more money to improve learning quality in themselves.

The ministry is also going to simplify the procedures of establishing new study programs, especially those needed by the industry.

Ministry secretary-general Ainun Na’im, who also chaired the organising committee of the meeting, praised the Central Java provincial administration, Diponegoro University rector and committee members for supporting the event and ensuring it to run smoothly.

Side-line events of the meeting included exhibitions of innovation products from universities and research agencies in Indonesia.