South Tangerang, September 27, 2018.

The Center for Research of Science and Technology (Puspiptek) holds the 2018 Puspiptek Innovation Festival (PIF 2018) to introduce technology and to instill the love on science and innovation on the society. The event was held at Puspiptek complex, Setu, South Tangerang, between September 27 and 30, 2018.

Ministry for Research, Technology and Higher Education’s secretary-general, Ainum Na’im, said in his speech that the institution would help science and technology communities to get closer to the general society using the technology. People working in the fields of science and technology actually have to contribute actively in addressing various problems faced by the industry and the society through science and technology and innovation-based approach.

“Science and technology communities cannot be exclusive groups refusing to interact with others. The ministry is trying to bring technology and science communities closer to other groups like the industry, the small and medium enterprises, youths and the society in general,” said Ainun when opening the event at Graha Widya Bhakti, Puspiptek, Serpong, September 27.

Ainun said South Tangerang was an industrial city that had given full support to PIF. He said he hoped all parties could contribute to the economic growth, especially through the invention of entrepreneurship-based technology, human resources improvement and national industry competitiveness improvement.

“We pay big attention to innovation and technology as means to eradicate poverty. This is included in Kemenristekdikti’s program. We hope a collaboration could be achieved among South Tangerang municipality, industry, and businessmen in science and technology development to support PIF,” said Ainun.

Puspiptek chair Sri Setiawati said in her report that the institution, as an integrated research center and a nationl science and technology park, has various research facilities and has researchers and innovators who have expertise in various fields. The institution has created a lot of research products, some of them in pipeline for commerce. PIF serves as an event where many parties meet and innovation products are shown to public. She said PIF 2018 was themed “Innovation For All”, focusing on grassroot innovation and social entrepreneurship.

“In line with the theme, Innovation For All, PIF 2018 is aimed at convincing the society that innovation could be a solution for problems. Using innovation, people could at least become more adaptive to changes, especially in this dynamic era like now. The changes are absolutely in a good way,” said Sri.

At the event, Economic Affairs Officer, Trade, Investment and Innovation Division – United Nations ESCAP, Marta Perez Cuso, said the PIF was a chance for government officials, business players, researchers and innovators to network.

“Technology and non-technology innovations are important things to face global challenges and to reap benefits through promotion. ESCAP is really glad to support the RI administration to develop and promote innovation,” said Marta.

South Tangerang mayor Airin Rachmi Diany said “innovating is a must and we must create innovation.” Airin said she hoped innovation could benefit her citizens in improving state’s competitiveness.

“PIF 2018” was jointly held by Puspiptek, itself is part of the Ministry for Research, Technology and Higher Education, South Tangerang municipality and involved other groups like the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (UN-ESCAP), ASEAN-INDIA, Bitread, and Good News Form Indonesia (GNFI).

Those who attended the event include South Tangerang development planning agency head, representatives from non-governmental agencies, member of expert staff at Kemenristekdikti Paulina Pannen, ministry’s high-level officials, Honey Bee Network founder and Professor at the Indian Institute Management Ahmedabad Anil Kumar Gupta and CEO and Co-founder of Ruangguru, Indonesia, Adamas Belva Syah Devara.

Public Communication and Cooperation Bureau at the Ministry for Research, Technology and Higher Educaiton – PIF 2019 organizing committee.