MORTHE’s Press Release
No. 176/SP/HM/BKKP/IX/2019

Minister of Research, Technology, and Higher Education Mohamad Nasir stated that to develop electric vehicles in Indonesia, the supporting ecosystems are needed. In addition to the engineers and researchers, the synergy between ministries and institutions as well as the industry world is highly important for the development progress of electric vehicles in Indonesia.

This was stated by Minister Nasir while giving Keynote Speech on the 2019 Indonesia Electric Motor Show exhibition in Balai Kartini, Jakarta (4/9).

“Without supporting ecosystems, the development of electric cars in Indonesia will be severely hampered. To develop electric cars, the extremely massive integrity from ministries/state institutions or the related State-Owned Enterprises is needed. As the need for the battery charging station anywhere and anytime, State Electricity Company should be participated. Then the related matter of import duty of spare part and such, the Ministry of Finance should be participated. All ministries/institutions should be synergized,” said the Minister of RTHE.

The Minister of RTHE added that with the issuance of Presidential Regulation number 55 in 2019 about the acceleration of battery-based electrical vehicle and the Constitution number 11 in 2018 about the National System of Knowledge and Technology, the researchers and engineers in Indonesia is encourage to intervene the technology, especially in the electric vehicles sector.

“This is the beginning of us to enter the new world of the vehicle realm. The Presidential Regulation can be integrated with the Constitution number 11 in 2018 in various activities such as researches, assessments, and applications of technology for technology invention,” said Minister Nasir.

Fulfilling the Domestic Component Level (TKDN) of electric vehicle, the Minister of RTHE stated that the raw materials for battery components will soon be produced from Morowali.

“To create the original electric cars made by Indonesian youth, the raw materials for battery components are already developed in Morowali,” said Nasir.

Beside the reason it’s environmentally friendly, the Minister of RTHE also explained three benefits of converting from conventional vehicles to electric vehicles. Firstly, it would make the country’s finances healthier. Secondly, it would make the future generation become healthier. And last but not least, it would make Indonesia an independent nation and highly competitive in developing electric vehicles.

“There are three benefits of electric vehicle if being developed in Indonesia. Firstly, our energy requirements are still imported for about 60.000 barrels per day, which means quite a large budget was allocated for it. Secondly, we have to think about the next generation to be healthier. Last but not least, to build our national capacity to be able to make every vehicle independently, especially electric vehicles,” closed Minister Nasir.

The Indonesia Electric Motor Show expo was held from September 4th-5th, 2019, in Balai Kartini Jakarta. The purpose of this exhibition is to deepen the understanding of electric motorized vehicle, and encourage the mastery of green-technology-based knowledge and technology, which is the usage of environmentally friendly vehicles.

Also attending this event are the Coordinating Minister for Maritime Affairs Luhut Binsar Panjaitan, Presidential Chief of Staff Retired General Moeldoko, Head of Agency for the Assessment & Application of Technology (BPPT) Hammam Riza, the representatives for the Ministry of Transportation, the Japanese Ambassador for Indonesia, and other invited guests.

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Ministry of Research, Technology, and Higher Education